Heinkel Group USA says its Cylindro conical dryer CCD has a flexible design and can be adapted to almost any process requirement in the food industry. It can be used as a vacuum contact dryer and an evaporator, as well as a sterilizer or an alkalizer. It works with products ranging from slurries and pastes to filter cakes, granulates and powders. The efficient Cylindro conical dryer is often used after mechanical solid-liquid separation but can also be operated without a preceding mechanical separation stage. It is an all-purpose dryer that meets various process requirements due to its different agitator designs, including helix, double helix, paddle or segmented helix.

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Filtec says its Intellect empty can inspection (ECI) system is designed to maximize product quality and return on investment. The ECI solution is an intelligent automated machine vision system that tracks and inspects every container on-line to prevent damaged or contaminated cans from reaching the filler and seamer, reducing downtime and increasing production efficiency. The system delivers high-speed precise inspection performance of up to 2,400 cans per minute and is easy to integrate on the production line with its compact footprint. The solution can inspect empty cans for a wide variety of defects. 





iLobby says it launched a smart tool to safeguard workplaces by automatically and discreetly scanning the body temperature of staff and visitors before they enter a facility. iLobby FeverCheck features a high-precision smart thermal camera that accurately scans for elevated body temperature — a common symptom of COVID-19 — in seconds as part of the regular sign-in process and flags people who might present a health risk. Based on FDA and IEC guidelines, iLobby FeverCheck safeguards sensitive data by keeping data confidential and protecting personally identifiable information. For food manufacturers, iLobby FeverCheck helps meet compliance requirements such as Good Manufacturing Practices regulations by tracking and verifying visitors arriving at facilities and automatically generating comprehensive reports for audits.





Multi-Conveyor says it released a barrier-spaced hand-pack conveyor station that conforms to social distancing mandates in the workplace. Simple, ergonomic, cost-effective and hygienic, this “COVID-19 inspired” hand-pack station approach uses a clear polycarbonate barrier concept that is spaced to application specification for operator safety. The length of the pack zones, number of conveyors or required side tables are determined by application, working with individual plant safety guidelines. The barrier-spaced stations can also be implemented into existing work areas with ease.





Snyder Filtration says it launched the OptimaFlow series of elements, which are available for all existing ultrafiltration and microfiltration products. With the new line, Synder increased the effective membrane area by nearly 10% compared to a standard 31-mil spacer element through optimization of element construction and material selection. Multiple OptimaFlow trials have been conducted on milk protein concentration and whey protein concentration applications throughout the dairy industry over the past year, yielding positive results. These are now being used to replace standard sanitary elements at several dairy plant installations worldwide.