The Formatic filler from Alpma is installed downstream of a coagulator or cheese vats and allows continuous filling of semi-hard and hard cheese curd under whey directly into the cheese mold. It offers the highest degree of product and format flexibility, saves space and produces consistent cheese weights. According to Alpma, Formatic is simple to clean. The easy replacement of the filling plates allows high flexibility. Round, square or rectangular cheeses, as well as large cheese blocks, can be filled — and for all of these cheeses, Alpma also can provide micro-perforated press molds and lids.





According to bioMérieux, reducing production cycle times and end-product inventory costs can make a major difference in dairy manufacturers’ cash flow and overall profitability. The company’s Chemneux ultra-rapid microbial testing helps eliminate bottlenecks, reduces lead times and increases production capacity. Faster results not only decrease hold times, but also allow faster corrective action in cases of contamination — saving companies lost products and lost profits. And by reducing storage requirements through just-in-time manufacturing, the platform often pays for itself — with significant ongoing cost savings in as little as few months.





Goudsmit Magnetic Systems said it developed a high-gradient separator with a strong magnetic conveyor roller specifically for the food industry. With this system, processors can achieve exceptionally high separation efficiency, not just for iron particles, but also for weakly magnetic stainless-steel particles such as AISI 304 and AISI 316. The high-gradient separator is more effective than a free-fall magnetic separator because with the latter, one has to slow down the metal particle before one can capture it. The magnetic separator was originally designed to be used on chocolate flakes, but is suitable for other dry, granular products such as herbs and spices.

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Ifm Efector Inc. said it offers a complete solution of reliable IO-Link 100% digital signal process instruments that include pressure, temperature, level and conductivity sensors. Its stainless-steel welded instruments are designed to withstand high-pressure cleaning and eliminate moisture ingress. IO-Link enables each sensor to provide multiple data points about sensor performance in processes. The complete system is field-mountable, eliminating the need for control cabinets and terminal strips. Plug-and-play Ethernet connectivity provides more reliability and accuracy than analog systems with direct integration into current systems architecture.