Danone North America, headquartered in White Plains, N.Y., and Broomfield, Colo., said its Oikos Triple Zero brand is celebrating the National Football League (NFL) season kickoff with two new ads, starring New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, as part of its “Stronger Makes Everything Better” campaign. Oikos Triple Zero is the Official Yogurt of the NFL. The new ads, “One Trip” and “Yogurt Strength,” feature Barkley flexing his protein-powered muscles and proving that “Stronger Makes Everything Better,” even when it comes to tackling stubborn jars and overloaded grocery bags.

Oikos Triple Zero yogurt boasts a protein-packed product portfolio, Danone North America said, including Oikos Triple Zero nonfat yogurt, Oikos Pro drinks and new Oikos Pro bars. From stubborn pickle jars to one-trip challenges, the new ads celebrate a protein that supports people’s shared strength and the everyday moments that connect everyone.

"Our brand believes that human strength is the most powerful force in the universe," said James Valdes, senior brand manager for Oikos Triple Zero. "We are proud to partner with Saquon Barkley, one of the strongest players in the NFL, to flex his protein-packed muscles in a different way and show feats of strength that many fans at home can relate to right now."

The two “hilariously relatable ads” demonstrate that even being one of the NFL's strongest players doesn't save you from the universal struggle to open a stubborn pickle jar, or an unexplainable urge to carry every grocery bag in one trip, Danone North America said.

"I've worked with Oikos Triple Zero a lot in the past and can't wait to partner with them in a bigger way this year, starting with these ads that recognize our everyday strength," remarked Barkley. "As a pro athlete, I rely on protein-packed products to help keep me strong in the stadium and at home, which is why I always keep my grocery bags filled with high-protein foods like Oikos Triple Zero."

Fans may watch “One Trip” and “Yogurt Strength” by visiting YouTube.com/OikosYogurt, NFL.com, the NFL Network and network TV through October, Danone North America said.