Halo Top Creamery, a brand of Wells Enterprises Inc., Le Mars, Iowa, said it released its first-ever exclusively Canadian pint collection with the launch of Butter Tart, Maple Pecan and Chocolate Honeycomb flavors. The three frozen dessert offerings celebrate the nation's sweet treats and have fewer than 360 calories per pint.

According to Halo Top, the Canadian pints are permanent additions to its collection of dairy and nondairy pints and bars and are available nationally in Canada at Loblaws and associated banner stores, Save-On-Foods, Federated Co-operatives and Metro Ontario.

"We are so excited to build on our collection of pints and bars and offer our Canadian fans a lineup of flavors they can call their own," said Ryan Roznowski, brand manager, Halo Top. "Halo Top is known for our unique taste profiles, and while we definitely took our inspiration from classic Canadian desserts, we think our fans will really love our irresistible take on them."

Butter Tart is a buttery caramel frozen dessert base with butter tart filling swirls, pecan bits and pieces of flaky piecrust. It has 350 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint. Maple Pecan is a pecan-, maple syrup- and brown sugar-flavored frozen dessert with rich caramel swirls and pieces of crunchy pecan. It contains 350 calories and 17 grams of protein per pint. Finally, Chocolate Honeycomb is a honey-flavored frozen dessert with decadent chocolate fudge swirls and honeycomb nougat pieces. It has 330 calories and 17 grams of protein per pint, Halo Top said.