Tillamook County Creamery Association, Tillamook, Ore., said it is continuing its innovation in premium snacking with the addition of a new line of premium specialty yogurts called the Tillamook Creamery Collection. Not too sweet and not too tart, the creamy yogurts come in six unique flavor combinations and contain with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.

“We created Tillamook Creamery Collection to allow yogurt lovers to create their perfect bite,” said Lara Gish, senior category manager of cultured products at Tillamook. “Each cup includes two side-by-side flavors that can be enjoyed one by one or swirled together ... Every spoonful is crafted the Tillamook way — with quality ingredients and no shortcuts.”

Tillamook said its Creamery Collection low-fat yogurts are ideal for breakfast or an anytime snack consumers can feel good about, with 13-14 grams of protein and only 9-10 grams of sugar per serving. The yogurt is crafted by blending high-quality milk with a proprietary blend of nine cultures and probiotics; the yogurt is slowly cultured for a mild and creamy product that is less tart. The premium reusable and recyclable cup also lends itself to customized snacking, allowing consumers to add toppings straight to the cup, no bowl needed.

According to Tillamook, the yogurt flavor combinations include Oregon Strawberry paired with Plain, Northwest Raspberry paired with Blackberry, Oregon Blueberry paired with Vanilla, California Peach paired with Plain, Dark Cherry paired with Plain and Vanilla Bean paired with Plain. Tillamook Creamery Collection yogurts can be found beginning in October at Safeway stores in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. They will also be available at New Seasons Markets in Portland. Tillamook Creamery Collection will further expand in the western United States throughout 2021.