GEA said it launched its Whitebloc Filling System Aero, which is specifically designed for bottling extended-shelf-life (ESL) beverages. The Whitebloc Aero meets the specific needs of producers of ESL beverages, including simplicity, efficiency, reliability, practicality, sustainability, flexibility and the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Whitebloc Aero’s design is optimized for the treatment time required in ESL applications; this allows bottle decontamination with dry hydrogen peroxide and subsequent activation with warm air to be performed on a single carousel, keeping the layout as compact as possible. The machine can achieve a wide range of decontamination targets, depending on the required level of product sensitivity and shelf life for both high- and low-acid products. Equipment cleaning is fast, cost-effective and flexible thanks to the ability to choose between integrating an existing fluid cleaning system or choosing a dedicated cleaning process skid unit embedded with the GEA Whitebloc Aero.




To address concerns about the introduction and spread of COVID-19 at customer workplaces, Hyster-Yale Group said it introduced a virus safety initiative for lift trucks. Developed in partnership with the nationwide dealer network for the company’s Yale and Hyster lift truck brands, HY-Shield Clean is a lift-truck-sanitization program designed to help keep facility personnel safe during all aspects of forklift activity, including daily operation and service calls. HY-Shield Clean leverages corporate and dealer expertise with best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address lift truck service and operation. The initiative also identified the most common touchpoints for each lift truck product class, enabling tailored recommendations according to equipment type.




NiceLabel introduced a cloud-based business model that will enable its partners to deliver labeling solutions-as-a-service securely and remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The NiceLabel channel offering is based around Label Cloud, the first multi-tenant labeling software-as-a-service. The cloud-based labeling solution acts as a virtual collaboration tool for labeling, enabling NiceLabel’s reseller partners to demonstrate, sell and configure labeling solutions for customers remotely from their homes. NiceLabel said this approach to selling and supporting labeling turns remote working from a barrier to a competitive advantage for customers. The cloud-based labeling solution is available on a subscription payment model, which covers platform maintenance and upgrades and is counted as an operating expense instead of a capital expense.



Chaucer Foods said it now offers sweet baked products that help food manufacturers improve the taste and texture of their products. Chaucer’s sweet baked ingredients are shaped, dried versions of authentic bakery recipes. They give food producers more versatility in innovating new flavor combinations and adding an extra layer of indulgence to existing product lines. The sweet baked selections are made in small batches, with no additives or artificial preservatives. The ingredients can be used in dairy as toppings or added directly into ice cream and beverages to add visual appeal and provide indulgent flavor.

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Tech Projects said it used its stainless-steel fabrication expertise to develop a hand-sanitizing unit and screen that supports safe working practices and social distancing in the food-processing sector. In response to the current coronavirus pandemic, Tech Projects has been working with its customers to provide solutions that will safely accelerate and improve processes, while enabling businesses to comply with health and safety regulations and social distancing and hygiene guidelines. The company’s stainless-steel mobile hand-sanitizing unit has a flexible design so it can be supplied in any multiples of sanitizers required, catering to both high and low volumes of use at different times of demand. All units have four swivel castors, with brakes for fixing into position, and are completely mobile — allowing movement within the workspace. The design ensures it also can be chained securely through the frame to a barrier or fence if required. 

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