Lifeway Foods, a Morton Grove, Ill.-based supplier of kefir fermented dairy and probiotic plant-based products to support the microbiome, said it is slated to air a new commercial celebrating those who have worked tirelessly the last eight weeks to help keep America moving forward. Shot mainly on iPhones, with music composed by Lifeway CEO Julie Smolyansky’s daughter, the 30-second spot highlights the faces of those making a difference behind the scenes and underpins the importance of brands giving back to support relief efforts. It also includes an inspiring message from Smolyansky.

“Lifeway was founded around the mission of bringing healthy and nutritious food to as many people as possible,” Smolyansky said. “We have great empathy for those feeling food insecure, hungry, anxious or scared, and we want them to know we will keep going and continue to produce for them for as long as necessary. There are so many incredibly brave humans who feel the call to respond to this crisis, and I am proud to work alongside them as we navigate these unprecedented times together. It takes guts, and we love yours.”

To date, Lifeway Foods said it has donated more than 70,000 servings of immune-supporting probiotic kefir, ensuring nutrition gets in the hands of those who need it most. The donations have supplied food banks, shelters and hospitals across the country. To meet increased product demand and fulfill donations, Lifeway Foods mobilized its network of refrigerated trucks to supply products as quickly as possible.

Through the Lifeway Hero Award program, the company is offering hourly bonuses for production and warehouse employees to show gratitude for those who are working every day to keep the company going and ensuring Lifeway products are stocked on shelves and available for donation. To keep these important employees safe, Lifeway said it has also reconfigured the production floorplan to make it easier for employees to practice social distancing and requisitioned additional personal protective equipment to help keep workers and their families protected.

The commercial airs this week in local markets and will premiere nationally during NBC’s Today Show on Friday, May 8.