Beneo developed an advanced thermal-inhibition process that strengthens native rice starch granules, enhancing their functional properties. With this technology, it created Remypure S52, a natural clean-label functional rice starch comparable to chemically modified food starches, without the use of chemicals. Beneo said it launched Remypure S52 to meet the demand for food starches that maintain optimal functionality under conditions ranging from gentle pasteurization to more severe retorting in both neutral and acidic food matrices.

973-86-72140; www.beneo.com




Brenntag Food & Nutrition North America said it is catering to consumer demand for simple, naturally sourced and clean-label ingredients. Brenntag has strategic partnerships with producers Chr. Hansen and Tata NQ to offer innovative and differentiated solutions in this space. Chr. Hansen’s new FruitMax line of bright-red colors is minimally processed, based on fruit, vegetable or edible plant concentrates, and can be simply labeled on ingredient lists. Tata NQ, a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, offers short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) used to boost gut health in many food products, including dairy foods. Its Fossence FOS is lightly sweet in taste and has mild hydrocolloidal properties, thus reducing the amount of added sugar and thickening agents. 

317-764-3866; www.brenntag.com/food-nutrition




Chr. Hansen launched its nu-trish LGG DA probiotic in a format for fermented plant bases. This probiotic offering enables producers to strengthen the health profile of their products, keeping up with consumers’ growing interest in probiotics and plant-based food. The offering contains the Lactobacillus rhamnosus  (LGG) strain, which is the world’s best-documented probiotic strain, Chr. Hansen said. Nu-trish LGG DA also delivers on providing the mild and fresh taste consumers want in their fermented plant base — now with an added health benefit.

414-607-5700; www.chr-hansen.com/en




Cargill Inc.’s Puris Pea 870 H allows formulators to create high-protein beverages. The mildly hydrolyzed pea protein delivers 80% protein, yet features low viscosity and optimum solubility, making it the perfect choice for ready-to-drink beverages and dry beverage blends, Cargill said. Puris Pea 870 H is sourced from non-GMO yellow pea seed varieties specially selected to minimize the off-flavors normally attributed to pulses. In addition, it is processed without the use of hexanes to bring out the best flavor possible. As a result, it has a clean flavor and a smooth texture, making it perfect for a wide range of applications, including nondairy milks, yogurt, frozen desserts, creamers and cheeses. For label-friendly formulation, Puris Pea 870 H is Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA-certified organic.

877-765-8867; www.cargill.com 




Amco Proteins said it launched a new hydrolysate: hydrolyzed wheat protein (HG-80). The ingredient offers improved solubility, enhancements in air-foaming capacity and an improvement in emulsification properties. Hydrolyzed wheat protein, which is a plant protein, offers the unique health benefits of a rich supply of the conditionally essential amino acid glutamine.

609-387-3130; www.amcoproteins.com




CP Kelco said its Kelcogel HM-B gellan gum is designed to provide outstanding suspension in ready-to-drink dairy products while maintaining flavor, pour viscosity and mouthfeel. Unlike traditional flavored-milk stabilizers, Kelcogel provides excellent suspension to ingredients regardless of the protein content of the formulation. Easy to disperse and hydrate, it’s compatible with a wide variety of neutral-pH dairy beverages, including flavored milks, coffees and teas, and nutritional dairy-based supplements. The gellan gum provides the opportunity for developing unique compositions and formulations with demanding functional requirements.

800-535-2687; www.cpkelco.com




FrieslandCampina Ingredients launched Nutri Whey Isolate Clear. The offering is a high-quality whey protein isolate that represents an exciting new proposition: a pure, clean-tasting, nutritionally balanced protein that can deliver unprecedented clarity in protein water and clear drink applications, FrieslandCampina said. Nutri Whey Isolate Clear is derived from the consistent high-quality whey of Dutch-type cheeses, giving it a clean, neutral flavor and aroma. The proprietary production process yields an exceptional whey protein isolate that maintains clarity even at higher pH levels — stretching the potential application spectrum for isolates.

551-497-7300; www.frieslandcampinaingredients.com  




Innovopro Ltd. said it launched a chickpea protein concentrate that extends customers’ choices for clean-label, non-GMO and nonallergenic sources of protein. The offering brings functional properties, as well as benefits in terms of nutrition, taste and mouthfeel. In terms of texture, the high water- and fat-binding capacities increase the viscosity. The product has a very neutral taste and color, which allow it to be applied, both as a protein or a binding agent, to clean-label products.

+97298850514; www.innovopro.com




Ingredion Inc. said a powerful plant protein solution with organic appeal can help products stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Its new Vitessence Pulse 1803 organic pea protein isolate can help enable both “excellent source of protein” and “organic” claims while offering the formulation functionality needed in dairy-alternative products and protein beverages. The versatile isolate may also be used to replace major allergens in formulations and create foods and beverages that fit vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO lifestyles, helping plant-based products become more relevant and appealing.

800-713-0208; www.ingredion.us/organicpeaisolate




Nexira Inc. said it is following the 2019 trend for exotic flavors with its Baobab Superfruit Powder, which is derived from an African tree. With its unique flavor, Baobab Superfruit Powder brings an exotic character while offering nutritional interest. Baobab fruit pulp has a high nutrient content, represents a natural source of vitamin C (up to 10 times higher than oranges) and has antioxidant properties. It may be used to pep up yogurts, ice creams and dairy alternatives. The powder has an ivory color and is 100% natural, carrier-free and organic.

+33 (0)2 32 83 18 18; www.nexira.com 




Stern-Wywiol Group said its Stabisol FK Vegan 4 is a vegan alternative to dairy cream cheese with characteristics similar to a dairy-based product. The end product shows no tinge of grey, is based on water and coconut oil and is produced with a simple process cooker. Stabisol FK Vegan 4 is a complex combination of starch, selected vegetable proteins and a highly reactive hydrocolloid. It contains only one E number and is a very declaration-friendly option.

+49 4102 202 552; www.hydrosol.de




Gelita said that in yogurt and other fermented products, collagen peptides reveal an excellent sensorial profile and texture while offering added protein and the advantages of collagen. Its collagen peptide product, Gelita gelatine, offers binding, gelling, whipping, emulsifying, stabilizing and foaming — especially in dairy applications. The offering creates perfect textures, provides a one-of-a-kind mouthfeel and enhances flavor release. Both gelatine and collagen peptides are pure proteins that can boost nutritional profiles and contribute to clean-labeling. They have no allergenic potential. Gelita also offers Geliko OU kosher gelatine and collagen peptides with the same high-quality performance and functionality of their nonkosher counterparts.

800-223-9244; www.gelita.com




PLT Health Solutions Inc. said its Artesa chickpea protein was  re-engineered to address some of the “pain points” of formulating with plant proteins — starting with ingredient taste and overall in-product sensory experience. Consumer testing has shown that Artesa can approach the sensory and formulating experience of dairy proteins in the areas of taste, texture, product structure and mouthfeel. The very small, uniform and smooth particles of Artesa have formulating benefits that include enhanced dissolution and suspendability, improved foaming and emulsifying properties, and easier processing with less waste than other leading plant proteins.

973 984 0900; http://www.plthealth.com/




TIC Gums Inc. said its Simplistica YG 3206 is an ingredient system that leverages fava bean protein concentrate and stabilizers for an optimized ingredient system to use in plant-based yogurts fortified with protein. The ingredient system allows developers to simplify their formulating process and speed to market. The ingredient system addresses the common challenges of working with vegan formulations, from maintaining protein levels in line with dairy counterparts to protecting texture and taste.

410-273-7300; www.ticgums.com