Pre-meal concept with fiber, whey protein

Arla Foods Ingredients developed a high-protein pre-meal shot concept that highlights the potential for launching innovative products that deliver improved blood sugar control in a natural and convenient way. The 100-milliliter pre-meal shot concept is high in fiber and contains 15 grams of the company’s Lacprodan DI-6820 whey protein. A recent clinical trial demonstrated that consumption of 15 grams of whey protein before a meal helped people with type 2 diabetes maintain their blood sugar levels within the normal glycemic range following the meal, the company said.



Almond oil as functional ingredient

Blue Diamond almond oil works as a functional ingredient across a variety of food categories. Its clean, mild flavor and high smoke point of 470 degrees Fahrenheit make it an ideal ingredient for dairy and bakery applications and snack bar formulations. Additionally, the oil is high in vitamin E (39.2 milligrams/100 grams), and B-sitosterol, making it a healthier alternative to other specialty plant-based oils, the company said. It’s low in saturated fat and high (70%) in monounsaturated fat/omega-9 fatty acids, supporting healthy levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL).



Line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients

ADM/Matsutani LLC’s Fibersol is a line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients that offers support for nutrition, weight management, sugar reduction, satiety and gut health. Fibersol maintains its fiber content within all dairy product applications, including fluid, frozen, cultured and fermented dairy foods. It is stable under all processing and packaging conditions. Fibersol is digestion-resistant, which translates to more of the fiber reaching the lower bowel to promote fermentation. This provides potential benefits for gut health. Therefore, the fiber can support “good-for-you” structure/function claims for qualifying products, the company said. Clinical studies show that Fibersol is also a prebiotic fiber, helps support or maintain intestinal regularity and can relieve occasional constipation.



Whey protein for high-acid protein powder drink mixes

BevEdge Whey Protein A-220W from Glanbia Nutritionals can create new opportunities for protein powder drink mix brands. BevEdge Whey Protein A-220W is a new preacidified whey protein isolate that overcomes the multiple challenges of creating berry- and citrus-flavored high-acid protein powder drink mixes. Made with BevEdge instant dispersion technology, the whey protein is lecithin-free, contains no soy and can be labeled as “whey protein isolate, citric acid.” Because it is preacidified to a pH under 3.5, the whey protein allows for great-tasting fruit flavors and delivers a clearer end product than lecithinated proteins, the company said.



Seaweed extract for dairy and non-dairy desserts

Algaia S.A. introduced Satialgine DVA, a next-generation seaweed extract ingredient for dairy and non-dairy desserts. This alginate line provides a unique rich and creamy texture in desserts such as low-fat dairy flans. The Satialgine line of alginate ingredients is designed to create a creamy, indulgent texture without the use of eggs or traditional additives, the company said. 

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Pure non-GMO prebiotic

DSM is the exclusive distributor of AmpliVida XOS prebiotic, manufactured by Prenexus. AmpliVida is a pure, selective and effective prebiotic made from organically grown (in California) non-GMO high-fiber sugar cane; it is carefully processed with pure water (no chemicals). Its efficacious low dose is ideal for formulating, making it well-tolerated, the company said. The prebiotic is made of five carbon rings linked by unique bonds with a degree of polymerization ranging from 2-12; therefore, only 1-4 grams are needed daily to selectively stimulate the growth of beneficial (probiotic) bacteria in the digestive tract. AmpliVida XOS prebiotic is suitable for use in dairy applications.  



Culture system for American-style cheeses

Dupont’s Choozit Ameri-Flex is a one-bag direct-to-vat culture system for American-style cheese, including cheddar, colby and Jack. It is a convenient single-pouch blend of fast-acidifying mesophilic and thermophilic strains in a culture system formulated for reliability, dependability and phage robustness. The culture system provides consistent acidification from vat to vat, the company said. Two robust formulations in this range are designed to provide flexibility for producing American cheese types in multiple processing conditions. They provide dependable moisture and yield due to consistent acidification kinetics between rotations, leading to reducing potential for downgrades. These cultures also offer protection against variability resulting from bacteria phage.



Masking flavors for products with plant proteins

Symrise Flavors N.A. developed a masking flavors toolbox specifically targeted to overcome the challenges of aftertaste and off-notes of plant protein in non-dairy applications. Product information is available that includes the recommended dosage for the company’s natural pea protein masking flavor, natural rice protein masking flavor, natural almond protein masking flavor and natural soy protein masking flavor. Masking solutions are available for drinkable products, as well as non-dairy yogurts, ice creams, protein powder mixes, smoothies and milks.



Natural emulsification and texture in cultured dairy

In cultured dairy, Fiberstar’s citrus fiber, Citri-Fi, works synergistically with homogenization to provide a strong boost in creamy body and firmness. Homogenization will bust open the fiber structure, leading to large increases in surface area, which, in turn, immobilize more water. The increased body gives the product a more natural mouthfeel. The ingredient can replace gums and thickeners for a cleaner product label, the company said. Because Citri-Fi functions as a natural emulsifier, no additional emulsifiers are necessary, which also increases the simplicity of the label statement. As a bonus functionality, the citrus fiber is said to promote a cleaner, rounder flavor release, which allows added flavors to shine. This natural fiber rounds out the flavor of the acids, permitting culturing to a lower pH and giving a benefit to texture.

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Natural preservative for clean-label products

The Ingredient House, along with its partner, Soyuzsnab, developed a natural preservative — cultured dextrose, AiBi Series 1.50 — that can be used for clean-label and natural products. The natural preservative is produced by fermentation of dextrose with microorganisms. The product can inhibit the growth of most spoilage organisms in food. Cultured dextrose is of natural origin and is GMO-free. It increases the shelf life of dairy products such as sour cream and cottage cheese. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including dairy, bakery, spreads and sauces.



All-natural solution to reduce sugar

Frutalose SF75 from Sensus is an all-natural solution to reduce sugar and “added sugar.” The product has 65% of the sweetness of sugar and contains 75% dietary fiber, the company said. These properties allow Frutalose SF75 to play a significant role in low- calorie all-natural sweetener systems that have the ability to significantly reduce sugar. The product works particularly well with stevia, masking the off-tastes associated with this ingredient. Frutalose SF75 is Non-GMO Project Verified and labeled as chicory root fiber. Additionally, its unique functional properties allow it to be easily formulated into a variety of applications.



Tea as a functional ingredient

Tea is a health-promoting ingredient and has clean-label benefits for processors, Amelia Bay said. It can be also used to replace caramel colors, artificial flavors and more. Amelia Bay offers dairy processors a brewed liquid tea that is easy to use versus batch steeping or working with instant tea powders, and can significantly reduce batching times. Formulations are simply blended in batch tanks and then pasteurized. The company’s extracts can be hot-filled or cold-filled for a stable finished beverage free from sedimentation or clouding.