Solution for reduced-sugar applications

At IFT18, Cargill featured a reduced-sugar strawberry drinkable yogurt using its new EverSweet steviol glycosides. Cargill said it used its custom texturizing systems and label-friendly ingredients such as corn starch and chicory root fiber to help create a mouthfeel that’s comparable to a full-sugar drinkable yogurt. The resulting beverage meets consumers’ label and sensory expectations, keeps added sugars in check and qualifies as an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein and calcium, the company said.




Functional whey protein isolate

At IFT18, Agropur Ingredients’ Nutrition Solutions showcased BiPRO Crystal Clear, a functional whey protein isolate designed for high clarity and solubility in acidified protein beverages. The whey protein isolate is purified from fresh sweet dairy whey. It is pH-adjusted and spray dried. The result is a homogenous, free-flowing, semi-hygroscopic powder with a slightly acidic, clean flavor, the company said.  




Product-recovery benefits from eccentric disc pumps

Mouvex highlighted numerous models of its eccentric disc pumps at IFT18. The company showcased the pumps’ ability to enhance product recovery capabilities in food and beverage processing operations. The SLS model eccentric disc pumps is ideal for optimizing product-recovery applications because of its ability to pump air, which creates a vacuum effect on the pump’s suction side and a compressor effect on the discharge side. This results in a plug effect that pushes a complete product “plug” out of the piping. Mouvex said this enables the pumps to recover product from transfer lines at rates of 60% to 80% or more.

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Naturally sourced vanillin  

Solvay launched Rhovanil US NAT at IFT18. The highly pure, naturally sourced ingredient is easy-to-use and serves as a one-for-one drop-in replacement for synthetic vanillin. The company said Rhovanil US NAT meets U.S. natural flavor regulations and is ideal for manufacturers looking to reformulate an existing product, or to create a new one, for clean-label status. The ingredient delivers high-intensity flavor and typical vanillin notes across a wide variety of applications, including beverages and bakery items.