Organic maple flavor

Allen Flavors’ organic maple flavor natural WONF (With Other Natural Flavors) is ideally suited for beverages. The aromatic maple, molasses, sweet, caramelized and creamy notes blend perfectly with coffees, liquors and beers, the company said. The company features over 1,000 products in its organic portfolio, 400 plus of which are QAI-certified organic flavors. The company said it’s experienced in all aspects of the organic process — from concept to finished product and back-panel label service.



Dairy fat alternatives

AAK’s dairy fat alternatives can be used to replace milk fat in a variety of applications and are ideal for traditional nondairy creamers, as well as plant-based dairy alternatives. The company recently developed a vanilla soft-serve plant-based frozen dessert prototype that features its Neutresca brand of coconut oil. AAK’s Neutresca products (51-25 and 51-28) are nonhydrogenated and non-GMO, and offer advantages such as an improved nutritional profile and a clean taste that enables delivery of delicate flavors. Neutresca also helps reduce raw material costs and provides excellent overrun, foam, freeze and thaw stability, the company said.



Flavor systems capabilities for flavored milks

Balchem Ingredient Solutions can customize nearly any flavor and work with customers on custom requests. The company said it’s been very successful with ultrapremium flavored milks and supplying more indulgent flavors for the adult target market. The company specializes in customizing to specific and unique flavor profiles.



Organic whey protein concentrate and hydrolysate

Bioriginal’s organic whey protein is available in organic concentrate (WPC80) and in new hydrolysate (WPH) formats, including low-lactose and time-sensitive digestion versions for a more sustained supply of amino acids. This whey protein is ideal for pre- and post-workout products. The fully traceable, non-GMO, rBGH-free, grass-fed whey is certified organic, gluten-free, halal and kosher. It offers 5.45 grams of branched-chain amino acids and provides 22 grams of protein per 28-gram serving. This cool-processed, nondenatured whey protein is ideal for shakes, smoothies, milks and more. 



Ingredient for LONG-SHELF-LIFE, high-protein drinks

Arla Foods Ingredients said that in many countries, the ready-to-drink market remains dominated by long shelf-life drinks made using ultra-high-temperature (UHT) processes. Previously, technical obstacles made it difficult for manufacturers to add whey protein to such products without the risk of fouling. But with Nutrilac WheyHi, this risk is significantly reduced, the company said. With WheyHi, companies can create long-life sports nutrition drinks, tea and coffee beverages, and smoothies in which 40% of the protein comes from whey. WheyHi is suitable for high-temperature applications that use both direct and indirect UHT treatment, without compromising on processing capacity. The ingredient offers 80% more whey content than standard milk protein concentrates, the company said. 



Rice starches for improved texture

Beneo said its rice starches can improve texture and provide technical benefits in many dairy products. Waxy rice starch can be used to enhance the texture of low-fat dairy beverages through added body and creaminess. Rice starch has unique gelatinization properties and can also replace gelatin in yogurt. Using a combination of waxy and regular starches often gives the best results for gelatin replacement. Waxy rice starch provides a smooth texture, and regular rice starch provides a more rigid structure, the company said. 



Pea protein for high-protein beverages

Cargill’s PURIS pea protein is well-suited for high-protein dairy and beverage applications. The pea protein is sourced from yellow pea seed varieties specially selected to minimize the off-flavors normally attributed to pulses. Dairy processors can also appreciate its label-friendly nature as a plant-sourced, vegan-friendly and non-GMO option to boost protein levels, the company said. 



Natural dairy mouthfeel flavor

Comax Flavors specializes in engineering proprietary flavor technologies that mask, enhance, replace or create desired mouthfeels in a wide array of applications that deliver natural taste profiles. The company’s natural dairy mouthfeel flavor can enhance beverages by providing a full mouthfeel and creamy dairy taste. This flavor is available in powdered form only. It can be used in a wide variety of beverage applications, including ready-to-drink protein drinks, iced coffee beverages, plant-based beverages and nondairy creamers.



Gellan gum for stabilizing beverages

CP Kelco’s high-acyl grade KELCOGEL HM-B [E] gellan gum is used to stabilize UHT and high-temperature-short-time neutral-pH dairy beverages. Designed to provide effective stability in ready-to-drink beverages, both in-process as well as on the shelf, this versatile hydrocolloid does not impact flavor, pour viscosity or mouthfeel, the company said. The gellan gum is typically used in recipes for chocolate milk, coffee and tea beverages, and nutritional dairy-based drinks. The ingredient is non-GMO Project Verified and is also approved for use in organic foods in the United States.



Natural brown ingredients

DDW Color’s NaturBrown Ingredients are created from 100% fruit and vegetable juice concentrates. These natural brown ingredients were developed in response to consumer demand for brown color with a simple label. They can be used in place of caramel color or FD&C brown blends in a wide variety of beverage applications. They exhibit excellent heat and light stability and are stable over a wide pH range (3.0-7.0). The natural brown ingredients have a mild taste that can complement sweet dairy beverage flavors such as toffee and chocolate, the company said. Available in liquid or powdered forms, the products are kosher, halal and non-GM.



Natural citrus fiber for beverages

Fiberstar’s Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber is made from a patented chemical-free process that opens the fiber structure to provide high water holding capacity and emulsion forming. This natural fiber provides mouthfeel, body, clouding and stabilization to various drinks. Citri-Fi is heat-, pH- and shear-stable. Citri-Fi is labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour, making it a natural fit for clean-label beverages. It can be used alone or in combination with gellan gum to replace gums, starches and/or carrageenans. The fiber is ideal for dry powder drinks, smoothies, ready-to-drink beverages or plant-based milks.



Clean-label purple/red colors

GNT USA’s EXBERRY shade “Purple Mist” is a clean-label color solution used to deliver a spectrum of rich reds and purples to a variety of food and beverages. Because of its neutral flavor and excellent stability in regular hot-fill processing, Purple Mist can be easily incorporated into a range of beverage applications. It provides a deep purple color in beverages with a pH of less than 4.0, the company said. All EXBERRY colors are derived from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, and are produced without the use of organic solvents.



Quick-to-disperse whey protein isolate

Hilmar Ingredients’ new 9021 whey protein isolate is quickly dispersible with excellent clarity. It’s an ideal protein to fortify water — just add a packet and stir. Hilmar’s 9021 is derived from fresh sweet whey and manufactured by a special cross-flow filtration process. With a rapid time to clear, clean flavor and superior protein nutrition, the isolate delivers advantages in low-pH beverage dry mixes. Hilmar said its whey proteins are complete proteins, providing the essential amino acids in an optimum blend for human consumption. 



Stevia leaf sweetener with clean sensory profile

Bestevia Reb M stevia leaf sweetener is distributed by Ingredion with its partner Sweegen. The 95% pure Reb M sweetener is derived from the stevia leaf and enables manufacturers to reduce sugar in products without negatively impacting taste, the company said. Because the sweetener is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, with a much cleaner sensory profile than traditional stevia sweeteners, it enables more sugar reduction in applications such as alternative dairy beverages, coffee milks, nutritional beverages, flavored milks and more.



High-quality vanilla products

Vanilla products from PROVA include natural extracts, natural flavors and organic vanilla extracts in both liquid and powder forms. Provanil, a cost-efficient high-quality vanilla replacement, is recognized for its formulation and processing advantages. All PROVA flavors and extracts work exceptionally well in all types of beverages, the company said. 



Chickpea protein solution

Nutriati Inc. and partner PLT Health Solutions Inc. introduced a premium-quality chickpea protein solution to the North American food, beverage and supplements markets. Called Artesa chickpea protein, the ingredient is the first chickpea-based protein concentrate available in commercial quantities, the companies said. The very small, uniform particle size of the chickpea protein provides formulating benefits that include enhanced dissolution and suspendability, excellent foaming and emulsifying properties, and faster and easier processing. Food and beverage markets can take advantage of the sustainable, healthy pulse ingredient in their protein-fortified products, the companies said.



Stevia sweetener

Sweegen’s Bestevia Reb D stevia leaf sweetener allows for significant reduction in added sugars in food and beverage products. With its clean, sugar-like taste, the company achieved great results in many products, including chocolate milk. The company said it was able to achieve a 60% reduction in added sugars and used Reb D to build back the sweetness profile of full-sugar chocolate milk. The sugar reduction reduces the added sugars from 17 grams to 7 grams and calorie count from 62 to 25 per 8-ounce serving.



Cold-brewed extracts

S&D Coffee & Tea said its quality process is designed to deliver optimal flavor and aroma in its extract products. The extraction process produces consistent, smooth cold-brewed liquid extracts for any flavor and aroma application. The cooler extraction temperatures help curb the undesirable astringent notes in coffee beverages, the company said. These extracts are available in a range of high-volume packaging options, from 17-ounce bottles to 5-gallon pails to 275-gallon totes.



Citrus oil alternatives

Symrise’s citrus oil alternatives are botanical alternatives that contain natural taste building blocks for citrus taste and smell. The company’s natural processes decode the sensory and analytical profiles of natural citrus oils to create viable alternatives to combat the ever-decreasing supplies of citrus oils. These citrus oil alternatives are available for use in many types of beverages.



Natural vivid flavors

Takasago’s portfolio of Vivid flavors are natural, long-lasting and have high impact. Sweet and savory flavors are available from traditional to exotic fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, herbs and botanicals. The flavors are developed using a proprietary process leveraging the company’s chiral chemistry in conjunction with superior analytical and sensory techniques. Each flavor must meet the profile of real food before it can earn the Vivid brand. Takasago said it offers the very best “true to nature” flavors for all types of applications. New flavors available include Mexican vanilla and Tahitian vanilla.



Fruit purées for sweetness, nutritional value

Tree Top’s fruit purées are ideal for smoothies, beverages, baby foods, ice creams and yogurts, sorbets and granitas. Made with fresh whole fruit, purées provide rich flavor, good texture and additional fiber, and can be labeled “made with real fruit.” The company’s single-strength and concentrated fruit purées add sweetness and nutritional value to products, and according to the FDA, aren’t counted as added sugars. Some of the available flavors include apricot, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, grape, mango, peach, pear, cherry, raspberry, tropical and apple. Organic options are available.



Ingredient system for dairy alternative beverages

TIC Gums said that developing a dairy alternative beverage typically requires the addition of certain ingredients to match the nutritional and textural benefits of dairy such as plant-based oil. Because dairy contains natural emulsifiers, these dairy alternative beverages require ingredients that help emulsify that added oil. TIC’s Simplistica BV 1325 ingredient system provides emulsification for oil-based ingredients and stabilization to avoid insoluble particulate sedimentation and separation. This ingredient system is designed to give formulators the foundation needed to develop a wide range of beverages from plant-based milks to high-protein nutritional beverages.