Carlinville, Ill.-based Prairie Farms expanded its product lineup to include a milk snack bar – a two-layer crème-filled chocolate cake bar dipped in chocolate.

The milk snack chocolate cake bar is unique because it is the first refrigerated snack cake bar to combine chocolate cake with a real whole-milk crème filling, according to the company. The bar is also dipped in chocolate to create a trio of flavors – chocolate cake, crème filling, covered in chocolate. One 1.06-ounce bar contains 140 calories, 8 grams of fat, 11 grams of sugar and 2 grams of protein.

When compared to conventional shelf-stable chocolate snack cakes, the bars have a short, simple ingredient list and do not contain artificial colors or preservatives, according to the company. They are available as a single-bar ($.99) and in 4-count boxes ($2.89). The snack bars are sold in grocery and convenience stores throughout the Great Lakes, Midsouth and Southeast regions, and some retailers nationwide.

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