Carlinville, Ill.-based Prairie Farms introduced single-serve flavored milks in salted caramel and chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

The single-serve limited-edition flavors, packaged in convenient on-the-go plastic pint bottles, feature bold, distinctive block lettering and clear images of the corresponding flavor inspirations that allow consumers to easily identify the flavors.

The flavored milks contain 210 calories, 8 grams of fat, 28 to 29 grams of sugar and 7 to 8 grams of protein per 1-cup serving, depending on the flavor.  

The milks are available at retail outlets in the Midwest (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa and Mississippi) and will remain in the single-serve lineup until mid-2017 with a suggested retail of $1.29 per 16-ounce bottle.

The company’s other fall-inspired milk flavors in the quart size are returning as well. The quart lineup flavors are: Spooktacular egg nog, peanut butter chocolate and pumpkin spice.

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