A new functional Greek yogurt product from Mopro Nutrition LLC, Birmingham, Mich., brings protein to a new level.

The whole-milk Greek yogurt is infused with CFM (cross-flow microfiltration method) whey protein isolate (WPI). It's the first pre-made product to use CFM WPI, according to Michael Moran, founder/CEO of Mopro. CFM is a natural, non-chemical process that uses proprietary membrane techniques to create a highly pure (>90%), nutritionally superior and undenatured WPI, according to Michael Moran, founder/CEO of Mopro.

"We are unique in the fact that we are a dairy product, but we are going after the fitness market to try to replace protein bars/shakes," Moran said. "We seek to become the bridge between the food and supplement segments."

The yogurt is also very low in sugar and contains probiotics. A 5.3-ounce serving of vanilla flavor contains 250 calories, 13 grams of fat, 4 grams of sugar (1 added) and 24 grams of protein. It’s made with just six natural ingredients. More flavors are in development.

Mopro is sold in natural/health-focused grocery stores and gyms (traditional and CrossFit) in Upstate New York (Albany/Saratoga Springs).  The suggested retail price is $3.99.