Steel-cut oat fruit preparations

Agrana Fruit U.S. developed five new combinations of steel-cut oat fruit preparations specifically for Greek yogurt:  orange zest and cranberry; caramelized apples and toasted pecans; apricot almond; blueberry lemon zest and pear tarte-tatin. Each fruit preparation is blended with a steel-cut oat preparation and can be combined with Greek yogurt.


Frozen strawberries for dairy products

Tree Top Inc. introduced frozen strawberries in straight-pack and sugar-added solid pack. The strawberries are processed in a multitude of forms from frozen to formulated fruit preps and can be further processed to provide dairy processors with whole, sliced and diced fruit. Applications for the strawberry products include ice creams, yogurts, smoothies, dairy bases and other frozen novelties.


Fruit inclusions for frozen desserts

Pocantico Resources Inc. partnered with Aptunion SA, a Europeon manufacturer of glace fruits and fruit formulates, to import a collection of gourmet fruit nuggets and hearts for the frozen dessert market. The fruit pieces are obtained from an original process allowing texturization of natural fruit purees in a way that retains bright color and fruit taste even after freezing. Flavors include strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange and blueberry.


Blueberry purée can be used as coloring/flavoring agent

U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council noted that blueberry juice and blueberry purée gives formulators a range of consistencies to work with. It can contribute texture to the finished product and may be used as coloring and flavoring agents.  The low pH range of blueberry juice and blueberry purée provides tangy flavor and helps improve storage stability.  Ice creams, yogurt products and frozen dairy that contain blueberries can be positioned as real food, containing natural antioxidants, not synthetic elements manufactured in a lab, according to the company.