Denali Ingredients says it is offering new inclusions for dairy processors. Baked Caramel Blondie is a delectable combination of a blondie and caramel. It capitalizes on two trends in ice cream: brownies (and their cousin, the blondie) and caramel. The inclusions are baked to perfection in Denali’s state-of-the-art continuous oven — producing consistent product and less clumping. Denali’s Crème Brûlée flakes mimic the most coveted part of a crème brûlée dessert: the caramelized topping. The low-melt flakes hold up perfectly in ice cream but melt in your mouth. The caramelized flavor release is evident, as is a coarse, sugary texture, which adds to the overall experience.





Hammons Products Co. says black walnuts are one of America’s original native ingredients and continue to be a staple inclusion in ice cream and other dairy products. For decades, ice cream makers have recognized that the distinct bold flavor of black walnuts is unmatched when paired with a variety of ice cream flavors. Black walnuts not only offer a distinct natural flavor, but also provide several nutritional benefits, including more protein than any other tree nut in the world. Harvested from native uncultivated trees throughout the Midwest, black walnuts are sustainably sourced, providing ice cream brands a story of sustainability unlike any other.





According to Milne MicroDried, consumers want more than just protein drinks or energy bars; there is a growing demand for food and beverage products that contribute to overall health and wellbeing. It is important that a healthy functional impact comprises all food choices, including yogurt, cheese and even indulgent items such as ice cream and frozen desserts. MicroDried’s elderberries make it easy for dairy manufacturers to provide that antioxidant boost. The ingredient is 100% fruit with no added ingredients, and it offers great color and flavor, as well as right-sized inclusions for every application. Elderberries are also low in calories and contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals. When developing new fruit or vegetable inclusions that are ready to eat, look to Milne MicroDried for the best dried fruits and vegetables — naturally.





Healthful fruit and vegetable flavors are trendy; at the same time, consumers don’t want to compromise indulgence. Pecan Deluxe Co. says its Mixed Berry Fizzy Clusters are made in an artisanal clustering process. The company begins with a blend of crunchy rice crisps, popping candies and dried fruit pieces, and then lets a smooth, milky, fruit-forward coating drip slowly on top to form little bites. The process results in multi-textured, layered, homemade bite-size clusters with a wide array of application possibilities. A few examples include yogurt, ice cream and frozen desserts.





As consumers look for products using clean-label inclusions, frozen Washington red raspberries offer the color, flavor and real fruit identity to distinguish dairy products. Washington Red Raspberry Commission says red raspberries’ sweet and tart flavors make them versatile from a culinary standpoint, and the rich raspberry color can add a beautiful, natural pink hue. Family farmers in Washington grow 90% of the nation’s frozen red raspberry crop. Available in individually quick frozen (IQF) whole, IQF whole and broken/crumbles, straight pack, puree and dehydrated formats, Washington red raspberries are frozen within hours of being harvested, locking in the fruit’s integrity, flavor and nutritional value.