Balchem Ingredient Solutions manufactures and supplies customized ingredient solutions that help processors bring innovative products to market faster. The company said it partners with customers from ideation through commercialization to bring on-trend dairy products to the market. Its SensoryEffects textured variegates add flavor and texture in one variegate. These specialty variegates are fat-based systems that allow crispy and crunchy particulates (e.g., cookies, crackers, pretzels, etc.) to be added and retain their original texture. Balchem’s system keeps the moisture of the ice cream from reaching the particulates. This simplifies a three-component system to a two-component system for the same sensory and taste experience.

877-639-6002; www.sensoryeffects.com




Cherry Marketing Institute said U.S.-grown Montmorency tart cherries add a pop of color, on-trend tart-sweet flavor and health benefits. Cherries pull double-duty, letting consumers experience something both indulgent and healthy. Available in forms ranging from individually quick frozen to puree, to juice and juice concentrate to dried, canned and beyond, this all-American superfruit is picked at the peak of freshness to be perfectly preserved as a flavorful, visually appealing addition to dairy products.

517-669-4264; www.cherryprocessor.com




Almond Board of California said almond butter is increasingly popular in dairy products, as consumers become aware of the versatility, taste and nutrition benefits it offers. According to Sterling Rice Group’s April 2018 report, “Almond Butter Attitudes and Usage,” 26% of customers think almond butter brings a premium feel in ice cream, smoothies, yogurt or chocolate.

209-549-8262; www.almonds.com




Denali Ingredients created a line of shaped and colorful doughs, including star-shaped dough, football-shaped dough, heart-shaped dough and more. The doughs are available in fun colors to further expand the opportunities for innovation, Denali said. Within these new shapes, Denali can formulate new visual and flavor experiences such as a chewy fudge-flavored
football-shaped brownie dough or a red velvet-flavored heart-shaped piece. Denali’s R&D team also works closely with customers to formulate inclusions.

800-558-4333; www.denaliingredients.com




Icon Foods recently released SweetBitz, a new line of sugar-free, clean-label chocolate chips. The chocolate chips feature Erysweet ultra blend, a super-fine mesh powder made of SteviaSweet 95-60 and Erysweet Non-GMO erythritol, a polyol that provides natural low-calorie sweetening and bulk. Available in 2M and 4M, SweetBitz chocolate chips are designed for a wide range of products, including frozen dairy applications, yogurts, energy/nutrition bars, cookies and nut butters, Icon Foods said. 

310-455-9876; www.iconfoods.com              




Milne MicroDried introduced dried tomato into its portfolio of more than 25 fruit and vegetable varieties and over 10 organics with reduced microbes. The ingredients are good for applications such as crunchy vegetables for cream cheeses and cheese, fruit fragments for yogurt inclusions and fruit and vegetable powders for healthy smoothies. Milne said its ingredients are available in powders, fragments and whole pieces, and each variety is available in both high- and low-moisture with different textures. The ingredients are 100% dried fruits and vegetables with no added sugar, color or preservatives of any kind and safer, reduced microbe levels.

208-461-5100; milnemicrodried.com




Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. manufactures Moroccan-spiced nut meats with a zesty ginger flavor, herbal cardamom tones, and warm cinnamon and clove spices. The company said its Moroccan-spiced almonds, pecans, peanuts and cashews are all unique in their own way, and are a beautiful visual and delightful texture addition to caramel-rich sundaes, ice creams, yogurts, cheeses, fresh carrot or red velvet lava cakes and chocolate silken tortes. The nuts can also be used to create couverture chocolate barks. 

214-631-3669; www.pecandeluxe.com




Inclusions Technology added pralines to its Nadanut line of wheat germ-based nut analogs that are designed to either extend nuts or replace them altogether in various recipes. Nadanut pralines are candy-coated offerings that deliver the sensory properties of pecan-based pralines without the concerns or hassles of nut allergens or the very high cost and supply volatility of pecans. The pralines are manufactured by Parker Products in its state-of-the-art facility that can maintain and deliver the 100% nut-free requirements for these products, Inclusions Technology said. They are available in both a traditional recipe and a non-GMO recipe to meet labeling needs.

913-370-8070; www.inclusiontech.com




From sweet, relatively mild chili peppers to habanero blends, Sensient Natural Ingredients said it offers chili peppers that can be used to add flavor, heat and color to a variety of dairy products. Varietals include paprika, ancho, guajillo and chipotle peppers, as well as Hatch chili peppers from New Mexico and varietals from India. Organic offerings for paprika, chili peppers, jalapeño and ancho are also available. Application ideas for Sensient’s pepper blends include Hatch chili butter, raspberry chipotle cream cheese and mango habanero yogurt.

209-667-2777; www.sensientnaturalingredients.com




U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council said blueberries have universal appeal to both consumer and designer, with year-round multi-format availability and versatility as inclusions. Formats such as powders, purees and juice concentrates allow for fruit-flavored creations in all seasons while providing fiber and mouthfeel. Products with blueberries demonstrate real ingredients, fruit identity, all-natural healthy image, craveability and product excitement.

650-340-831; www.blueberrytech.org