According to the International Dairy Foods Association, a recent IICA (International Ice Cream Association) survey said vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor and frozen yogurt is regaining popularity among Americans. While vanilla, chocolate chip mint and cookies-and-cream ice cream are America’s top flavors, dairy processors are still pushing the envelope, trying to find ways to appeal to taste buds.

Nestle Drumstick, Ben & Jerry’s, TCBY and Stonyfield are among those to release unique, new flavors in their lines.

Nestle Drumstick Pretzel DippedNestle Drumstick, Oakland, Calif., created new flavors that target fans of sweet and salty flavors. New ice cream flavors for its original sundae cone and Lil’ Drums are:

Nestle Lil' Drums Caramel ConesPretzel Dipped — Vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate pretzel crunch coating, in a crispy, chocolate-lined sugar cone.


Lil’ Drums Vanilla Caramel Crunch — Vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl topped with a sprinkling of chocolate covered rice crisps, in a crunchy, chocolate-lined sugar cone.

Lil’ Drums Caramel Graham — Caramel ice cream with a caramel swirl topped with crunchy graham crackers in a crispy, chocolate-lined sugar cone.

New Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt products

Ben & Jerry’s, South Burlington, Vt., which is known for its out-of-the-box flavors, joined the Greek yogurt bandwagon with the release of its Greek frozen yogurt line. It’s available in four flavors:

Ben & Jerry's Raspberry Fudge Chunks Greek FroYoRaspberry Fudge Chunk — Raspberry flavor with fudge chunks.

Peanut Butter Banana — Banana flavor with peanut butter swirls.

Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Short Cake Greek FroYoStrawberry Shortcake — Strawberry flavor with shortbread pieces.

Blueberry Vanilla Graham — Blueberry and vanilla flavor with graham cracker swirls.

TCBY new frozen yogurt flavors every month

(TCBY) The Country’s Best Yogurt, Salt Lake City, has been releasing a new soft-serve frozen yogurt flavor each month since January with its “the year of flavor and delight” campaign. July’s new flavor is Pomberry Sorbet, a pomegranate and blueberry sorbet. Other new flavors this year include: Old Fashioned Root Beer Float, Tropical Coconut Super Fro-Yo and Chocolate Malt Shoppe.

Stonyfield's new yogurt flavors for kids

When it comes to yogurt products, dairy processors are thinking outside the box with flavor choices for youngsters as well; like Stonyfield, Londonderry, N.H., it introduced two new flavors in its YoToddler organic yogurt line — Raspberry Pear in the Fruit & Cereal variety and Banana Pumpkin in the Fruit & Veggie variety. Both flavors are available in 4-ounce containers in 4-packs.

YoToddler Raspberry Pear yogurtYoToddler Banana Pumpkin yogurt