Manila Sky Ice Cream, a brand of and distributed by AC Creamery Inc., Anaheim, Calif., makes an Asian-inspired ice cream line with flavors like avocado, purple yam and tropical jackfruit. The company, which started the business just last year, describes its line as “gourmet fusion.” The company’s ice cream is produced by a co-packer in Los Angeles.

The ice cream is made with local milk from California and fruit purees from the Philippines. It’s available in six pint flavors and the company recently launched three 48-ounce flavors.

The pint-size flavors are:

  • Purple Yumm – Features purple yam ice cream with a cream cheese swirl
  • Coco Rico – Features coconut ice cream with coconut swirl
  • Mango Verde – Features tarty green mango ice cream
  • Viva Avocado – Features avocado ice cream enhanced with honey
  • Nutty Jack – Features tropical jackfruit ice cream with roasted cashew pieces and a hint of sea salt
  • Mango Dream – Features a blend of manila and Mexican yellow mango ice cream with real mango bits

The new 48-ounce flavors are:

  • Macapuno – coconut ice cream
  • Ube – purple yam ice cream
  • Mango ice cream

The 16-ounce containers are sold for a suggested retail price of $3.99 to $4.99 and the 48-ounce containers retail for $5.99 to $6.99. The ice cream is available at Asian retailers in California and selected farmers market.

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