Old-Crock aged Cheddar cheeseTrugman-Nash, an affiliate of MCT Dairies, announced the launch of a new line of vintage Australian Cheddar under the brand name, “Old Croc.” It's set to be distributed early this summer to specialty cheese shops, club stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Available in two varieties — Old Croc Sharp and Old Croc Extra Sharp — these white Australian Cheddar cheeses are all natural and crafted from 100% pure Australian milk from pasture-fed cows with no added hormones. Old Croc Sharp and Old Croc Extra Sharp are aged a minimum of nine and eighteen months respectively.

“With the growing demand for bolder, more flavorful cheeses, we’re very excited to introduce this new brand of specialty Australian Cheddar to the U.S. market,” says Ken Meyers, CEO of MCT Dairies and Trugman-Nash.

Old Croc’s is said to have a smooth, yet sharp and creamy, slice-able texture. It’s available in 7 ounce and 24 ounce cuts as well as 10/11 pound random weight loaves. Old Croc Sharp and Old Croc Extra Sharp Cheddar are distributed by Trugman-Nash LLC, an affiliate of MCT Dairies, and is based in Millburn, N.J.

Visit www.oldcroccheese.com for more information.