Manipulating texture is the latest rage when it comes to creating a point of differentiation in the crowded drinkable yogurt category. In Brazil, Coop, a global chain of supermarkets, introduces private label Whipped Part Skimmed Drinking Yogurt with Honey. The whipped texture adds a new dimension to the category. 

Innovative flavors are another way to stand out in the crowded drinkable yogurt market. In Mexico, Groupe Danone adds a new functional ingredient — white tea — to Activia probiotic yogurt drinks. Though the combination of tea and dairy is not necessarily common, it is also not new; however, most flavored milks and yogurts rely on green tea for either flavor or function. White tea is unique, as are the chamomile and apple variants. The new offerings springboard off the emerging trend of relaxation drinks, which are still mostly absent from the dairy category.

Dessert trends come and go, and in recent years, macaroons have burst onto the global scene in a big way. This light, French-style cookie is generally made with egg whites and almond powder, giving it a delicate and crunchy appeal. In Finland, organic ice cream maker Peter Eisturned them into inclusions for ice cream with the rollout of Raspberry Ice Cream with Macaroons, which claims to contain 3% real macaroons.