B&P Littleford offers its line of mixing systems to a wide array of markets and industries, including dairy processors. The B&P Littleford Plow Mixer provides medium-to-high intensity mixing action, excellent heat transfer for drying, and its cylindrical body lends itself to pressurized reactions and serializing applications. Units can be tailored to each application and manufactured to all industrial and sanitary standards. The design allows for multiple processes in a single vessel and is provided in sizes from 5 liters to 30,000+ liters. Rental equipment and lab testing services are available out of B&P Littleford’s Michigan-based testing center.

989-757-1300; www.bplittleford.com



EnSight’s Likwifier LDT and LOS square-tank blenders are ideal for dairy processors. These blenders can be outfitted with insulated Temp-Plates to maintain the proper temperature, which can be controlled via a dial thermometer or RTD probe. The LDT model features a direct-drive motor and the LOS features an offset motor, either of which is capable of fully dissolving soluble ingredients in less than 5 minutes. The units are also ideal for dispersing stabilizers. These blenders can be sized to meet virtually any need. They can also be designed for convenient ice cream reclamation.

855-760-4861; https://www.ensightsolutions.us


IKA Works Inc. announces that its innovative 2000 series high shear machine line is available in a 3-A CIP certified version (certificate No. 1681).  This certification, approved by an independent corporation and verified by objective independent third-party professionals, advances hygienic equipment and ensures that all product surfaces can be mechanically cleaned or easily dismantled. Applications such as emulsions, dispersion, suspensions, wet milling, and powder/liquid blending can now be realized while adhering to 3-A guidelines without sacrificing craftsmanship or quality synonymous to the IKA brand.

910-452-7059, ext. 600; www.ikausa.com



Designed with efficiency and mobility in mind, the ROSS Model HSM-405SC-25 Inline High Shear Mixer with Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology is an ideal choice for production floors that require flexibility. The easy-to-clean stainless steel portable skid with a built-in workbench saves time and money as it allows the mixer to be used anywhere in a plant. This eliminates the need for multiple mixers separately dedicated to each vessel or product. As an external mixer, the Inline SLIM can be piped to the recirculation loop of virtually any size vessel. Featuring sanitary tri-clamp connections, this 3A-compliant machine can be cleaned in place but is also quick to disassemble for deep cleaning and sanitation. Capable of injecting powders directly into a fast-moving liquid stream without the use of an eductor or pump, the SLIM is engineered for high-speed and high-volume mixing requirements for wetting out powders and creating a fine immediate dispersion.

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Manufacturing processed cheese using conventional methods can require several processing steps and equipment types. However, with a Silverson mixer, the whole process can be carried out in a single step. Using a Silverson disintegrator in a jacketed vessel, large blocks of cheese can be rapidly chopped down to crumbs and other ingredients such as cream, milk proteins, emulsifying salts, and coloring can also be added straight into the vessel. After a short mixing cycle, the product is ready to cook before further processing. The company offer mixers from laboratory or pilot scale units up to bulk production machines for several cheese processing applications.

413-525-4825; https://www.silverson.com


SPX Flow offers the APV Flex-Mix Pilot Mixer, which enables food and beverage customers to test small-scale pilot batches of low to high-viscosity product samples using just a single unit. Customers can buy or rent the pilot mixer to conduct tests at their own facilities for everything from infant formula, ice cream, and plant-based products to dressings, sauces, and high-protein yogurts. The in-house tests give customers a better sense of whether products and recipes can be replicated on a larger scale. In addition, by conducting the tests on a smaller scale, customers can avoid shutting down their production lines for a long time.  

+44-1293-574234; www.spxflow.com