Corbion says it offers a full line of easy-to-use dairy stabilizers as part of its Corbion Smart Solutions portfolio to help meet and exceed expectations for texture, stability, and consistency. From frozen desserts to yogurts, buttermilk, and cottage cheese, the Corbion Smart Solutions portfolio may be tailored across a variety of applications to improve product quality and processability, to assist with cost savings, to help with stability through desired shelf life, and to impact consumer acceptability.  

913-890-5500; www.corbion.com/dairy


Cargill says its new SimPure soluble rice flour appeals to consumers’ desire for label-friendly ingredients. This “new-to-the-world” ingredient represents an important technological advance, as it is the first highly soluble rice flour to enter the marketplace. Designed as a one-to-one replacement for 10DE maltodextrin, it provides similar viscosity attributes, bulking agent functionality, and sensory profiles — yet labels simply as “soluble rice flour.” The new ingredient is especially well suited for inclusion in reduced-sugar coffee creamers, ice creams, and beverages, as Cargill’s sensory testing suggests it provides an improved creamy mouthfeel versus products made with maltodextrin.

1-877-SOLUTNS (765-8867); www.cargill.com/dairyinnovation



CP Kelco says Nutrava citrus fiber is a next-generation fiber ingredient made from sustainably sourced citrus peels — an abundant byproduct of the juice industry. Typical content of dietary fiber is at a minimum of 80% with an approximately balanced amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. It supports dietary fiber intake and works well in reduced-fat and reduced-sugar applications. It is ideal for dairy applications such as spoonable and drinking yogurts, fruit preparations, cream cheese, and ice cream, as well as plant-based dairy alternatives. Nutrava citrus fiber provides water-binding, syneresis control, texture/mouthfeel, and stabilization benefits. Contact CP Kelco for tips and more information.

678-247-7300; www.cpkelco.com



DSM says its DelvoFresh YS-042 is a dairy culture that produces a deliciously indulgent, extra mild, and creamy taste profile for stirred yogurt applications. This low post-acidifying culture delivers a consistent pH until the end of shelf life and can be formulated without the need of added sugars. Additionally, YS-042 provides a thick texture and can replace the need for stabilizers for cleaner label appeal.

574-335-9903; www.dsm.com/food



ICL Food Specialties introduced its Joha SF line — the newest generation of the trusted Joha emulsifying salts that optimize protein content in processed cheese. ICL says its innovative emulsifying salts reduce the need for additional ingredients in traditional processed snacking cheeses. Joha SF offers increased firmness compared to standard emulsifying salts, resulting in competitive cheese products at optimal costs. It is ideal for spreadable, snackable, aluminum foil-packed, processed, and analog cheese applications. Joha SF provides improved appearance, healthfulness, cost control, a cleaner label, and improved processability. 

+49 6203 77 7373; www.iclfood.com



IFC Solutions’ family of specialty lecithins, available in both in liquid and powder formats, presents an exceptional choice of natural emulsifiers for the dairy industry. The company offers a variety of kosher-certified products derived from sunflower, rapeseed/canola, and soy with value-added options that include allergen-free, non-GMO (including identity preserved), and certified organic. Unique water-dispersible formulations are available as well. IFC says it promises fast turnaround, low minimum order quantities, competitive pricing, and second-to-none service.  

800-8785-9393; www.ifc-solutions.com



International Food Products Corp. (IFPC) says its Dairy House stabilizer ingredient systems are a combination of gums, starches, fibers, emulsifiers, and protein. These stabilizers bind with water and can synergistically achieve texture and stability targets in dairy products. The right stabilizers can also increase shelf life and enhance the appearance and taste of products. Their unique thickening and gel-forming properties can create diverse textures such as creamy, chewy, smooth, or spreadable. Dairy House branded products offer IFPC’s customers custom ingredient systems. With decades of experience in development, production, and application for the food and beverage industries, IFPC says it is able to take on any ingredient challenge.

800.22.SUGAR; www.ifpc.com