Evergreen Packaging LLC said it provides fresh packaging solutions with state-of-the-art gable-top filling equipment for refrigerated dairy, juice and liquid food products. Available for standard pasteurized, extended-shelf-life and extended-long-life applications, this broad machine portfolio fills cartons from 4 ounces up to half-gallon, at speeds from 50 to 340 cartons per minute in various cross-sections. The latest addition to the portfolio is the EQ-70, which produces up to 7,000 liters and 9,000 fractionals per hour. Highly skilled technical staff and genuine original equipment manufacturer parts support all Evergreen filling machines.




Sure-Seal is a new patent-pending level filling valve for Federal Mfg. fillers. According to the company, it is available as an aftermarket upgrade for installed Federal level fillers and as an available option on new Federal fillers. The valve features a one-piece compression-molded urethane valve tip with a fused silicone valve seal that reduces maintenance expense and hassles. An expanded flow zone in the valve tip enables the valve to fill up to 15% faster than current level filling valves. Sure-Seal also includes a new low-friction inner o-seal that reduces bottle topload by 25%, making the valve ideal for lightweight bottles or jugs.




Fogg Filler said throughout its experience, it has heard the dairy industry’s concerns about foaming, possible flavor changes, splashing and spillage, and extended shelf life (ESL). Fogg has fillers to overcome these issues with ease. It has created a “dairy valve” to extract the foam while filling; its small transfer ratio ensures smooth transfer to avoid spilling and splashing to increase sanitation and improve efficiencies. As always, shelf life is a concern, and Fogg has full ESL packages to address this issue. Fogg also offers less technical options for the more cost-conscious buyer.




IMA Dairy & Food said its Erca EFS fill-and-seal machine offers a flexible indexing platform for preformed cups. Modular in design with stainless-steel construction and servo-operations, it allows for versatility with filling stations for pre-fill and post-fill operations. Chainless cup transportation enables format flexibility and precision index positioning throughout the machine. Capable of filling cups up to 130 millimeters in diameter, the EFS filling and sealing machine is suitable for a broad variety of products, including yogurt, fresh cheese, white cheese (curd), cottage cheese, single and multilayer desserts, and mousse.




Krones said every production step is safely included in an aseptic processing chain with its Contipure AspetBloc DN. The technology is designed with a preform sterilization module in an enclosed block aseptic environment, which includes aseptic blow molder, aseptic filler and capper. It utilizes only one sterilizing medium — gaseous hydrogen peroxide — and sterilizes the entire preform surface at once, both inside the neck area and on the outside, with little to no residue. With outputs up to 55,200 containers per hour, Contipure AseptBloc DN is suitable for products in PET, standard and lightweight containers. It is 3-A Sanitary Standards Certified and meets FDA requirements for filling low-acid products.




Sawvel Automation said its Model #113 scale-controlled liquid fillers can increase production rates, enhance accuracy and decrease labor costs. The fillers are available in single- and dual-station models; Sawvel AAA options — which are offerings designed to meet or exceed 3-A Sanitary Standards — are also available. All five #113 models feature stainless-steel construction and the latest digitally controlled scales for extremely accurate filling. Model #113 configurations are perfect for liquid or self-leveling products such as ice cream mix, yogurt, sour cream, sauces, dressings and more. The Model #113 also can be customized to fit a customer’s exact needs, and Sawvel Automation provides full after-sales support for all of its American-made equipment.




Matrix Packaging Machinery LLC, a brand of ProMach, said it offers the Toyo Jidoki TT-8D-R pre-made pouch filler/sealer, which is designed for a wide variety of liquid applications with spout attachments in the dairy packaging industry. The filler handles various pouch formats and product types, including flat, stand-up, retort and press-to-close pouch styles. The TT-8D-R features an easy-cleaning washdown design with a liquid-filling pump, a pouch opener and filler, and a conveyor magazine that can load more than 600 pouches. The equipment can accommodate pouch widths from 80 to 260 millimeters and lengths from 130 to 400 millimeters. Matrix Packaging Machinery is the master distributor for Toyo Jidoki.