At a time when many manufacturers are switching from “use by” to “best before” dates on product labels, two new Holdbac bioprotective cultures from International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) can make the critical difference. Holdbac protective cultures comprise specially selected microorganisms that deliver long-lasting freshness up to and beyond “best before” dates. As natural solutions, they also enable manufacturers to offer a consumer-friendly product label, IFF says. Another essential benefit is that there is no compromise in the sensory experience. Fresh dairy products have the same delicious taste and texture at the end of shelf life as they do at the beginning. Even in challenging storage temperatures, brands can rely on effective, natural fresh-keeping solutions.

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The Optyma cooler, the latest offering from Danfoss Climate Solutions, is specifically designed for quick and easy installation and high efficiency. This unit cooler features unique cross-rifling inside the heat exchanger tubing, maximizing air turbulence, the company says. A maintenance-free, factory-balanced variable-speed-capable fan motor comes standard, ensuring high efficiency and food safety. Maintenance is easy thanks to the powder-coated aluminum-magnesium alloy for a corrosion-resistant, durable, smooth, cleanable surface and extended cabinet lifetime. Users can get the most out of the cooler with the Coolselector2 app, available for smartphones and tablets. Coolselector2 allows easy optimization with other Danfoss walk-in products such as Optyma outdoor and indoor condensing units and electronic room controllers.




Synerlink, a Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems company with U.S. offices in Duncan, S.C., says it launched Versatech, a future-proof filling solution for the food and dairy industry. Its modular design enables customers to continually realign the packaging innovation with their evolving business strategy. Starting with a compact 2.5-by-4-meter frame, Versatech is expandable with standard-increment modules that come in lengths of 440, 880 or 1,320 millimeters. Versatech combines that flexibility with a centralized cabling network to offer plug-and-play functionality that allows food and dairy processors to access the latest filling and packaging technologies as they become available. In addition to its future-proof design, Versatech features a tubular frame shape, removable slats, and a chainless design to simplify maintenance and improve hygiene safety.




Designed specifically to offset inflation and the rising costs of dairy ingredients, the reliable Raptor Checkweigher from Fortress Technology delivers premium inspection and weight checks at a competitive price point. It targets operational inefficiencies, including upstream product giveaway, non-conforming food packs, and packaging, the company says. Easily integrated with existing metal detection equipment, the Raptor delivers dynamic weight monitoring with minimal customizations to existing product feed and packing lines, the company says. More rugged and durable than most electromagnetic-force-compensation checkweighers, although just as precise, the Raptor can check packs weighing up to 17 pounds.