Filtec says its Intellect filler-management solutions are available for glass bottles, PET bottles and cans. They use either vision or photon inspection technologies, following the seamer or closer operations, to check each container for underfill and overfill. Central to the Intellect filler management inspections are analytical applications that give a detailed insight for each container and the performance of each filler valve and closer head. This is complemented by a filler monitoring that traces each container back to individual filler valve and closer head to provide a graphic distribution and numeric defect-count displays for all valves and heads. A quantitative analysis application provides a complete statistical analysis of the entire filler process — showing fill level distribution histograms for each filler valve.




Great Lakes Label says it produces dairy labels with a one-week lead-time. This short lead-time allows for lower inventory, saving thousands of dollars. It also frees up valuable warehouse space. The company uses a unique stock designed for the dairy industry that features a flexible face and protective gloss; it also is wick-resistant. The stock also allows the labels to withstand extreme temperatures, damp environments and high-speed applications.




Harpak-ULMA says it launched its PaperSeal packaging technology as part of its initiative to fundamentally rethink packaging systems to promote green packaging alternatives across the food industry. Trays are produced with renewable fiber sourced from sustainably managed forests and can employ a variety of designs for retail presentation. Each tray utilizes 80-90% paperboard and 10-20% film, depending on tray dimensions. This dramatically reduces plastic use and limits base tray waste to just 2% — the lowest in the industry today. In addition, the tray film liner is easily separated from the paperboard after use, allowing the paperboard portion to be recycled. The hermetically sealed tray provides up to 28 days of shelf life, depending on the application.




IFF Health, part of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., and DolCas Biotech say they partnered on the sale and marketing of Curcugen, an all-natural turmeric extract for both the dietary supplement and food and beverage industries. Curcugen is a clean, highly concentrated and highly dispersible curcumin ingredient, boasting a wholesome turmeric base and a high (50%) curcuminoid concentration produced by a patent-pending technology. Curcugen is the only curcumin ingredient to provide “whole rhizome synergism” similar to the food format of the turmeric spice used as a staple in Indo-Asian cuisine. 32 52 319 534;



According to Tetra Pak, a new kind of industrial revolution — the digital transformation — is rapidly growing the demand to drive productivity and ensure operational excellence within the manufacturing environment. Easy access to shared knowledge and immediate communication across lines has become essential to a truly connected workforce. Answering increased needs for training and optimized knowledge sharing, Tetra Pak offers an integrated digital platform supporting the continuous improvement cycle called Tetra Pak Connected Workforce. Allowing for improved operational collaboration, on-demand access to a library of relevant information and skills management pathways to expertise, this platform allows companies to unlock the power of their people.