GEA says it is expanding its valve portfolio with the GEA Aseptomag LV leakage valve. The mixproof double-seat valve is designed for manufacturers of foods and beverages, as well as pharmaceutical products, that maintain high safety standards in their ultra-clean process lines. Typical examples are products with an extended shelf life such as fruit juices and milk-based and lactic-acid-fermented products, along with plant-based alternatives sold chilled by retailers. Focusing on equipment flexibility, the design features significantly mitigate the risk of contamination in this hygiene class. In addition, products become more durable — with fewer preservatives.

49-211-9136-1492; www.gea.com


Anue Water Technologies, a manufacturer of high-efficiency ozone- and oxygen-generation and related systems for the elimination of odor, corrosion and fat, oil, and grease in municipal and industrial wastewater, says it launched customizable geomembrane covers with carbon-embedded filters. The filters provide “outstanding” odor elimination from practically any sized wastewater tank, including at dairy and food and beverage plants. The technology consists of high-strength geomembranes fitted with pockets containing replaceable carbon filter media, custom engineered to fit each application and deliver exceptional broad-spectrum odor control. The carbon filters are designed to remove all odors, including those from sulfide and ammonia. The system eliminates the need for costly chemicals or scrubber equipment and greatly reduces labor touch and OSHA risks.

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Oterra offers a solution for coloring cheese that provides maximum color with minimum transfer. Developed to help companies achieve more profitable cheese production, the DairyMax range of orange and yellow colors ripens the cheese with minimal color transfer to the whey. DairyMax offers a perfect match for annatto shades using the company’s patented WhiteWhey technology. Sourced from beta carotene, this formulation traps colorant in the curd, resulting in whiter whey that doesn’t require bleaching or segregated whey streams, the company says.

855-216-9778; www.oterra.com



Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced the MALDI-8030 benchtop linear matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization–time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometer. Innovative instrument design enables the MALDI-8030 to achieve performance specifications similar to those of larger, more expensive MALDI-TOF models in a significantly smaller footprint. This user-friendly compact instrument expands on the successful benchtop format of the MALDI-8020 by offering both positive-ion and negative-ion analysis. The dual-polarity ion source of the MALDI-8030 allows the flexibility to analyze a wide range of samples, including proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, lipids, glycans, polymers, and small molecules. Its enhanced sample throughput, ease of use, low maintenance, and small footprint make it ideal for all laboratories.

800-477-1227; https://www.ssi.shimadzu.com



Pallite, an international designer and manufacturer of 100% recyclable high-density storage units, opened its doors to the U.S. market with a new manufacturing base in Milwaukee. Pallite's innovative storage units, Pix, transform warehouses by consolidating pick-faces to maximize available space. Pallite Pix is a range of lightweight, flexible and robust storage and shelving units designed to flex to the ever-changing demands of the modern warehouse. This innovative range of modular storage units can be designed to each customer’s individual requirements, maximizing every inch of warehouse space, revolutionizing picking efficiencies, and improving pick accuracy. Constructed from honeycomb board, the units can be built in minutes with no tools or expensive installation costs.

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