Chobani LLC, New Berlin, N.Y., says it introduced two new dairy platforms, expanding its footprint in the refrigerated aisle: Chobani ultra-filtered milk, a lactose-free, protein-packed ultrafiltered milk; and Chobani half & half. The new items are made from locally sourced milk; like many of the company's other new products, they come in paper-based packaging that is widely recyclable across the United States.

Chobani says the product introductions build on its mission of “making good food for all.” The company turned its sights to upgrading the refrigerated aisle in 2019 with the launch of non-dairy Chobani “oatmilk,” which was its first foray outside of yogurt. Chobani has continued to innovate, launching products that include coffee creamers, ready-to-drink coffee and probiotic drinks.

Chobani ultra-filtered milk is lactose-free and has more protein than the market leader, Chobani says. It also has half the sugar and 2.5 times more protein than traditional milk, offering more functional benefits to dairy milk consumers. Ideal for cooking, baking and blending, the milk is a wholesome and convenient way to add more protein to recipes such as pancakes, smoothies, homemade ice cream and more, Chobani said.

"With our lactose-free, reduced-sugar and protein-packed Chobani ultra-filtered milk, we're making dairy accessible to more people and giving consumers a great option to trade up to a more advanced, functional and delicious product," says Peter McGuinness, Chobani’s president and chief operating officer.

Starting with locally sourced milk, Chobani ultra-filtered milk is made using a special filtration process to help remove lactose and reduce sugar by half. It has a rich and creamy in texture, is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, and it provides all nine essential amino acids, Chobani says. Available in whole, reduced fat 2%, fat free, and chocolate, the milk is on shelves this month.

The new Chobani half & half, meanwhile, also is on shelves this month. Currently, dairy-based half & half is a $1 billion segment, Chobani says, citing Nielsen sales data for the 52 weeks through Jan. 15, 2022. The half & half comes in both classic plain and lactose-free options and is made simply from farm fresh milk and cream.

"We've seen incredible consumer love for our coffee creamers, and they asked us to bring the same craft and quality to dairy-based half & half while offering a lactose-free option as well," McGuinness says.

Consumers can also feel good about the recyclability of the packaging for these new products, Chobani notes.

In 2021, Chobani announced its first paper-based yogurt cup and its continued commitment to exploring more sustainable packaging solutions across its portfolio. With the launch of Chobani ultra-filtered milk and Chobani half & half, the company says it is adding to its lineup of products using recyclable, paper-based packaging, which also includes its non-dairy “oatmilk,” cold brew coffee and coffee creamer offerings.