Modesto, Calif.-based Crystal Creamery says the newest addition to its ice cream lineup, Birthday Cake, boasts a cake batter ice cream base with cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles throughout — a tribute to the company’s 120th year in business. All of Crystal Creamery’s ice cream flavors are made with only the simplest ingredients, including cream, sugar and milk sourced from local family farms.

“There’s only one way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month and our 120th anniversary with us, and that’s with a few scoops of our delicious flavors — whether it’s Birthday Cake or a refreshing scoop of Rainbow sherbet,” says Brian Carden, Crystal Creamery’s senior director of sales.

As an added way to commemorate National Ice Cream Month and celebrate being California’s oldest dairy, Crystal Creamery says it will be launching a special promotion starting July 13 that features an ice cream flavor personality quiz and multiple giveaways, including Visa gift cards, free ice cream and more.