Milk Cult, a Washington, D.C.-based ice cream company, says it is launching four handcrafted, made-from-scratch frozen novelties. Over the last decade, Milk Cult created more than 100 ice cream flavors with locally sourced dairy from Maryland and Pennsylvania. The new varieties are now available at Whole Foods Market stores in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Southeast, as well asin Southern California.

The company says it is debuting two versions of ice cream sandwiches: a Vanilla ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwich and a vegan Avocado “ice cream” chocolate wafer sandwich. It also is offering two Dippy Boys novelties: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate shell, potato chip; and Makrut Lime, candy shell, crispy rice (a vegan option).

According to Milk Cut, the inspiration for flavor profiles comes from collaborations with a few of D.C's Michelin-starred restaurants and James Beard award winners, including Chef Seth Wells of Rose's Luxury and Chef Tom Cunanan, formerly of Bad Saint.

“It's taken eight years and a lot of trial and error to [home] in on the four distinct flavors for our ice cream sandwiches,” said Ed Cornell, co-founder and co-owner of Milk Cult. “We put attention into every detail and step of production, from the flavor profiles to the selection of ingredients, the assembly process and resulting texture.”