Beneo says its new precooked functional native rice starch, Remypure S52 P, allows global manufacturers to produce clean-label instant food preparations that are subjected to harsh processing conditions. Applications such as dairy desserts traditionally must withstand acidity and/or high shear during preparation — a challenge to maintaining optimal functionality. This functional native texturizer performs as well as modified starches in cold processing conditions that involve low pH and/or high shear while being clean label and adding creaminess and mouthfeel to any recipe, thanks to the unique characteristics of the rice starch granules.





According to Brenntag Food & Nutrition North America, there is a revival of indulgent and premium-quality dairy and nondairy desserts and ice creams. Functional ingredient manufacturers are continuously innovating to impart better sensory and stability qualities to these products. MASBLEN 2101 and 2102 stabilizers are specially developed to be blended into soft-serve ice cream dry mixes specifically for foodservice outlets and kiosks. They provide excellent melt resistance and shape retention. They are produced by Musim Mas and distributed exclusively by Brenntag.





Cargill says it expanded its label-friendly SimPure starch portfolio, adding four tapioca starches to its new SimPure 996 and 999 lines. The starches provide a neutral flavor and are Non-GMO Project Verified. SimPure 996 starches create soft gel textures, perfect for spoonable yogurts. These high-process-tolerant starches provide sensory and functional attributes, offering a creamy mouthfeel while delivering excellent water-binding properties and good cold-storage stability. The SimPure 999 series consists of nongelling tapioca starches with fat-mimetic properties for creamy, indulgent textures. These starches are designed for stirrable yogurts, pumpable fruit preps and other applications that require a thick but fluid texture. They provide excellent cold-storage stability, controlling syneresis over shelf life.





CP Kelco says its new Genu pectin YM-FP-2100 stabilizes fruit yogurt drinks and simplifies the process to help achieve clean-label goals. It can be added at the fruit-preparation stage, and its functionality carries over to the final drink product so no other stabilizer is required. One ingredient means easier handling, easier storage and simplified processing with a cost-effective solution to improve stability and viscosity. Consult with CP Kelco’s technical experts to learn more about the company’s easily recognizable and process-friendly nature-based Genu pectin, which is sustainably sourced from citrus peels.





Fiberstar Ingredients says its Citri-Fi citrus fiber provides high water-holding and natural emulsification properties for plant-based “yogurts” and cheese alternatives. This is due to the clean-label ingredient’s intrinsic intact pectin and natural composition with high surface area. At very low usage levels (0.1% to 0.6%), Citri-Fi enhances texture, improves mouthfeel, produces viscosity and creates stability. In addition, the natural ingredient can help replace starches, gums, stabilizers and chemical emulsifiers to clean up label declarations. This citrus fiber is plant-based and Non-GMO Project Verified, contains no E-number and can be labeled as dried citrus pulp, citrus flour or citrus fiber.





International Food Products Corp. (IFPC) says suspension of dairy proteins in extended-shelf-life beverages can be a challenge. These products undergo extreme processing conditions that many ingredients cannot withstand. The proteins found in dairy tend to gel or form a layer of syneresis if they are not stabilized properly. IFPC’s in-house research and development team, coupled with its custom ingredient-blending capabilities, create the ideal blend for products. The company offers blends that use a combination of stabilizers, including premium carrageenans or gellan gum with a proven track record in shelf-stable beverages.





Ingredion Incorporated says consumers want more protein in their plant-based “cheese” products, but creating the expected shred and melt qualities takes expertise and an integrated ingredient solution approach. How could processors enrich vegan mozzarella-style “cheese” and achieve a firm texture for easy shredding and exceptional melt? Drive preference with Ingredion’s optimized Simplistica CA 1302 system of functional ingredients to support gelation, melt, body and emulsification.





J. Rettenmaier USA says it recently added alginates and, through a joint venture with Silva Team, pectin to its Vivapur portfolio. For the dairy industry, the product line offers solutions to challenging formulations, including suspension power for beverages via Vivapur MCG, protein protection in acidified milk drinks by Vivapur HS-RAM pectin, and ice crystal growth control and desired mouthfeel by Vivapur FD alginate. Offering colloidal-MCC, HPMC/MC, alginate and now pectin as part of the Vivapur line, J. Rettenmaier is a one-stop solution for many application challenges.





Tate & Lyle’s specialty stabilizer systems developed for frozen mousse desserts enhance overall creaminess when introduced into a milk-based food system. When combined with the butterfat, the systems impart a decadent, silky mouthfeel with mouth-coating perception well above the actual butterfat content. Additionally, the company says it crafted stabilization systems that deliver a chewy eating experience. The stabilizing solutions utilize the synergistic relationship of hydrocolloids to provide a unique elastic and chewy texture with the additional benefit of enabling air uptake to provide higher overruns while stabilizing the frozen dessert matrix through distribution and temperature abuse.





The Ingredient House (TIH) says it offers a range of products ideal for ice cream and other dairy foods ranging from sweeteners to hydrocolloids. Newest in the lineup is the award-winning Nouravant maple fiber, an upcycled, plant-based ingredient. It has multifunctional attributes, serving as a fat extender, an egg replacement, an insoluble fiber and a freeze/thaw stabilizer. It replaces mono- and di-glycerides, is a clean-label cellulose replacement, can reduce calories and provides a cost savings over eggs. The fiber is manufactured in the United States by TIH’s partner, Renmatix, using the Plantrose process. To view a short video, visit





Univar Solutions says it added two new suppliers to provide comprehensive solutions for dairy and vegan innovation pipelines. Carrageenan from Gelymar is a natural and sustainable hydrocolloid, providing the right texture for dairy beverages. Barley-based protein from Evergrain is a natural plant-based and minimally processed ingredient for ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix beverages. Vegan “cheese” and vegan creamer projects are popular currently, and Univar Solutions has the ingredients and expertise to help formulators achieve their desired taste and texture. Other key ingredients for the dairy market include sunflower lecithin, vegan lactic acid, phosphate and nonphosphate buffering systems, vanilla flavors, sweeteners, pectin and functional starches.