Flavorchem, a manufacturer of flavor, ingredient and color solutions, said it opened the SRS Center for Taste Innovation at its Downers Grove, Ill., headquarters campus. The new 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility is named after the late Salvatore R. Sprovieri, who founded the company in 1971 with his brother Phil — and who still maintains an active leadership role.

According to Flavorchem, the facility was designed to create and deliver a boutique customer experience that encourages innovation, collaboration and experimentation with trending foods, beverages, flavors and ingredients. Every element within the space was intentionally created to deliver the most premium sensory experience, from the three guest suites fully equipped with workstations and mini bars to the chic Toto toilets that provide the most intimate comforts.

“Our goal was to create a space that would be a destination for clients. Customer experience was the focus of this project,” said Ross Sprovieri, executive vice president of of Flavorchem’s Orchidia Fragrances Division. “We want our customers to be part of the product development process.”

Upon entering the building, guests are immediately welcomed by an open marketplace environment equipped with snack stations and a coffee bar, modeled after the trendy food halls in urban centers, Flavorchem said. To support the commercialization of new products and technologies, the building boasts a research and development kitchen; four specialized application centers; a dedicated pilot plant with high-temperature/short-time, ultra-high-temperature and aseptic processing and filling capabilities; a sensory room for blind and controlled testing; and premium guest suites to make sure clients are comfortable during their visit.

“We have come a long way since making syrups in our family’s basement,” said Phil Sprovieri, vice president of sales, “My brother would be proud.”