Which plant will be Dairy Foods’ 2020 Dairy Plant of the Year? Will it be a string cheese operation headquartered in Wisconsin or a maker of high-end ice cream based in Georgia? Those are just two of the 12 dairy plants that are in the running for Dairy Foods’ 2020 Dairy Plant of the Year.

We invite readers to vote for the most deserving candidates in an online poll that will run through June 26. The votes help Dairy Foods’ editors determine which plant will receive the award.

Up for a vote are the last 12 plants we featured within the pages of Dairy Foods, ending with the May 2020 issue. The 2019 Dairy Plant of the Year was Perry’s Ice Cream Co. Inc.’s facility in Akron, N.Y.

This year’s nominated plants are:

  • Borden Dairy Co., Dallas (milk)
  • Toft Dairy, Sandusky, Ohio (ice cream)
  • Schreiber Foods, Carthage, Mo. (cheese)
  • Michigan Milk Producers Association, Constantine, Mich. (ultrafiltered skim milk, butter, more)
  • Turkey Hill Dairy, Conestoga, Pa. (ice cream, ice tea, more)
  • Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, Sebastopol, Calif. (lactose-free cultured dairy products)
  • Rumiano Cheese Co., Crescent City, Calif. (cheese)
  • Graeter’s Inc., Cincinnati (ice cream)
  • Darigold Inc., Portland, Ore. (ultrapasteurized milk)
  • High Road Craft Brands, Marietta, Ga. (ice cream)
  • Baker Cheese Inc., St. Cloud, Wis. (cheese)
  • Oregon Ice Cream Co., Eugene, Ore. (ice cream)

Read about each plant here then vote here.