A&B Ingredients offers Probind Transglutaminase enzyme and enzyme blends specifically designed for use in dairy and plant-based dairy applications. Probind is a functional ingredient with highly-controlled transglutaminase activity. It helps improve viscosity and creaminess while enhancing the taste and sensory profile of dairy products like fresh cheese and yogurt, the company says. It can increase cheese yield and improve texture in full-fat and skimmed yogurt while reducing production costs. In plant-based fermented products, it improves texture and viscosity without using stabilizers or texturizing additives.

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NOLA Fit from Chr. Hansen provides ease in the production of premium, lactose-free yogurt. It enables companies to reduce added sugar to address the consumer need of healthier products with the same great taste throughout shelf-life. In production, this enzyme is active across a broad pH span, allowing the reduction of lactase dosing by up to 50% in fermented milk applications, the company says.  

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Variety and depth of flavor are crucial to create memorable cheeses. DSM’s broad range of adjunct cultures offer a playground of signature flavor profiles, the company says. Whether a customer is looking for sweet, buttery and creamy, smokey, matured and savory or anything in between, the company notes that its Flavor Wheel cultures offer flexibility and creativity to tap into new consumer trends and familiar favorites. The cultures also can easily be combined for unique flavor profiles and can be added directly to the cheese vat in combination with any acidifying system.

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Thistlezyme is a 100% thistle rennet extraction produced by Enzyme Development Corp. that is kosher (Kof-K) and halal (IFANCA) certified. The powder and the liquid versions have standardized activities. With consistent enzyme activity from lot to lot, the guesswork regarding the potency of the enzyme is removed, so the cheesemaker can concentrate on the variables within the milk and not worry about the activity of the rennet, the company says. Thistlezyme is also non-GMO and meets the USDA organic requirements. The company points out that Thistlezyme is a true vegetarian rennet that can produce cheeses with unique flavors and textures.

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Fromagex announced that it is now offering Chr. Hansen’s Yield-Max culture. Yield-Max has been developed to increase the overall yield in cheese production, help to control curd texture, and produce cleaner, more valuable whey. The company is seeing increases in yield from 1.5% to 3.5% depending on the type of cheese being produced.

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IFF offers a total of six highly phage-robust cultures under the Yo-Mix Prime umbrella. This product series combines the full control of acidity and the toolbox for premium texture modulation in both frozen and freeze-dried formats, delivering products with premium texture, stable pH and consistent quality throughout a product’s shelf-life, it says. This enables consumers to enjoy affordable and healthier products since the cultures’ ability to control acidity and enhance the sweetness perception is offered. This gives manufacturers the ability to formulate yogurts with less added sugar, while offering dairy processors unlimited opportunities to re-imagine yogurt with a stable,  milder taste along with a consumer-friendly label.

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No- and less-added-sugar claims are becoming increasingly important for dairy brands. Novozymes’ Saphera fiber converts milk sugar into galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) dietary fiber. Thus, formulators can simultaneously reduce sugar and increase fiber without affecting the taste. This eliminates the need to reformulate with sweeteners and fiber ingredients. The company offers a range of solutions to enable improved texture and taste, health-related benefits, and label-friendly products that satisfy the expectations of today’s consumers, it says.

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