For decades, dairy processors have relied on Balchem, formerly SensoryEffects, for fruit preps and variegates in their frozen desserts. Now Balchem said it also supplies fruit preps for cultured applications. Fruit preps are flavor systems that allow cultured dairy manufacturers to have only one step in producing a finished product. Companies can add flavor, color, sweetness and texture — whether they are adding fruit flavor bases to drinkable yogurts or using preps designed for fruit show in cream cheese spreads and cheesecake applications.




Barry Callebaut said its Milk Brown Butter Bourbon truffles were inspired by culinary trends, along with the industry’s passion for alcohol-infused products and creative uses for brown butter. The process begins with Barry Callebaut’s low-melt milk coating for the outside shell. Next, caramel is hand-crafted and is cooked just long enough to create the nuttiness of brown butter. About this time, the caramel is infused with authentic Kentucky bourbon. The alcohol is burned off during the caramel-making process so only the flavor remains. The richness of brown butter pairs perfectly with the oaky essence of the bourbon. 




According to Denali Ingredients LLC, sales of cookie dough ice cream flavors continue to outpace category sales, and at the same time, consumers are enjoying cookie dough in spoonable formats and even at cookie dough shops. Denali developed a line of cookie doughs that delivers the taste experience of popular ice cream flavors. Examples include Choco Peanut Butter Chip dough, Dark Choco Mint dough, Strawberry Chocolate Chip dough and S’mores dough. To keep up with consumer demand, Denali also expanded extruded dough offerings with a variety of sizes and shapes.




Hammons Black Walnuts said black walnuts are an all-natural bold-flavored nut inclusion that gives ice cream an extra touch. Harvested from native wild trees in the Midwest by thousands of local harvesters, black walnuts are one of the few crops still gathered by hand. This sustainably sourced ingredient adds flavor and texture to a wide range of ice creams. From a nutritional standpoint, black walnuts have the highest amount of protein of all nuts and provide an ample source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.




Inclusion Technologies offers a line of savory bits, with a “bacon” bit being the first product to be commercialized. This plant-protein-based savory bit product line is based on textured vegetable protein and is both kosher and vegan. These products are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, and they deliver a crunchy texture to dry-based systems or a meaty, fibrous texture when they are hydrated in further-processed products such as cheese sauces. The inclusions can be used in cheese spreads, dips and any other savory-based dairy products or nondairy versions.




According to iTi tropicals, the versatility of coconut cream can help processors re-energize their product lines. With a smooth and creamy texture and applications that include coconut-based beverages, nondairy creamers, cream-based sauces, drinkable yogurts and more, coconut cream from iTi Tropicals can help satisfy the growing consumer demand for plant-based options.      



Parker Products offers inclusions for dairy products — from colorful candy pieces to nuts and granola —that allow processors to create new specialty flavors. The company’s baked inclusions, which include brownie, cake, cookie, biscotti and pie crust inclusions, are a tasty way to add satisfying texture to dairy applications. Its baked inclusions can be used in milkshakes, in concretes, as an ice cream topping and more. Parker Products said one suggested application is Brown Sugar Fudge ice cream using its Triple Fudge Brownie chunks, Whiskey pecans and a Whiskey River variegate swirl.




Milne MicroDried said it reduces the microbe levels in clean-label fruit ingredients using traditional dryers and low-impact microwave energy to produce ready-to-eat dairy inclusions. The patented clean-label drying process uses no additives of any kind and better preserves the natural color and rich flavor of the fruit. Milne MicroDried’s fruit fragments and powders have been introduced as inclusions in ice cream novelties coated with blueberry fragments, yogurt flip cups with mango and strawberry fragments, blueberry yogurt bites, gelatos using strawberry and blueberry powders, ricotta snack cups with strawberry fragments, and crumbled goat cheese with pomegranate arils for added color and texture.




Pecan Deluxe said its honey-favored quinoa clusters are made through its artisan clustering process. The company begins the process with a smooth, milky honey-kissed coating, which is slowly dripped on top of a blend of crunchy rice and quinoa crisps to form little bites. The result are multi-textured, layered, homemade bite-size clusters with a wide array of application possibilities, including yogurt toppings and ice cream inclusions. This clusters are made with no added gluten and could easily be converted to plant-based inclusions.




Star Kay White said it opened a new 84,000-square-foot facility that is dedicated to candy and panned items, and it now has the capacity to manufacture specialty inclusions such as honeycomb candy. Honeycomb is an aerated sponge candy that is formulated with honey. The unique formulation results in a textural curiosity for ice cream, yogurt and other desserts. Honeycomb may be purchased as a plain inclusion that is coated in vegetable oil or as chocolate honeycomb.




Tree Top’s strawberries are available in a multitude of forms — from frozen to formulated fruit preps — and can be further processed to provide customers with whole, sliced and diced fruit. Frozen strawberries are available in a straight pack and a sugar-added solid pack. Transforming fresh fruits into unique cost-effective ingredients is what makes Tree Top a leading supplier to the ice cream and frozen novelty categories, the company said.