Blue Diamond, a Sacramento, Calif.-based grower-owned cooperative and almond processor, said it added Almondmilk Horchata to its Almond Breeze line. The product is a dairy-free take on a Latin American favorite.

 “We’ve deepened our commitment to our customers and raised the bar with this plant-based take on a cherished classic,” said Suzanne Hagener, director of brand marketing at Blue Diamond. “We are thrilled to diversify our Almond Breeze portfolio with another satisfying dairy-free alternative. Made with our Latin American community in mind, this beverage will satisfy our consumers who are looking for a refreshing, delicious-tasting drink.”

Blue Diamond said its Almond Breeze Horchata captures the flavor of a popular Latin American drink with a beverage with hints of cinnamon and vanilla that is creamy and sweet. While the company suggests that Almond Breeze Horchata is best served over ice as a standalone beverage, its versatility also allows consumers the freedom to use the beverage in many different ways, such as poured over cereal or added to smoothies.

Almond Breeze Horchata features packaging in both Spanish and English and will be available in major retailers throughout the southwest, as well as New York and New England, beginning June 2019, Blue Diamond said.