Matthews Marking Systems said it launched a new product line focusing on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. The products include an automation software controller, an enclosed drop on demand (DOD) valve jet technology driver and an enclosed thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology driver. The automation software controller, the Mperia OEM controller, is a production line controller ideal for OEMs controlling printers while utilizing their own user interface. It is available in three individual models: Lite, Standard and Advanced. The DOD valve jet technology driver, the V-Link OEM, controls Matthews’ 8000-plus valve jet print heads. The TIJ technology driver, the L-Link, is a driver module for up to four of Matthews’ L-Series L1 print heads.





Teledyne TapTone announced the release of its new Seal Integrity Tester designed to inspect cups inside the cup filler. The offering is a patented design that consists of multiple sensors mounted inside the cup-filling system that inspect each cup by compressing the sensor head to the foil lid of the cup at full production machine speeds. The sensors monitor the lid deflection during the compression cycle, and the digital signal processor board calculates the inspection merit values to accept or to reject containers with defective seals that fall outside user-set merit value limits. The system can detect bad seals caused by product across the seal area during filling; deformed or damaged foil lids that cannot make a good seal; and weak seals that can be caused by a variety of issues, including out-of-range heater temperatures.





Best Sanitizers Inc. said its Alpet D2 Quat-Free surface sanitizer is now approved under the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Organic Food Program. It is ready to use, requires no rinse and leaves no unsightly residue. It’s highly evaporative and ideal for water-sensitive equipment and dry processing. On pre-cleaned food contact surfaces, Alpet D2 Quat-Free kills 99.999% of eight pathogens in 60 seconds. It kills 99.9% of tested bacteria in 10 seconds on pre-cleaned nonfood-contact surfaces.





Evergreen Packaging launched the Sentinel fully renewable ice cream board. The eco-friendly paper-based packaging is made with an innovative renewable coating derived from sugarcane.  The coating on the Sentinel ice cream board is sugar cane-based polyethylene, making the board fully renewable, since both the paper and the coating come from sources that can be regenerated. Sentinel offers excellent converting performance, superior strength and outstanding print quality. No change to existing converting equipment is required for Sentinel.




Eriez said its Enhanced Platform (EP) for its Xtreme metal detector enables dairy processors to boost productivity and meet rigid food safety guidelines set forth by the USDA and FDA. The EP is a processing method that examines the full product signal and identifies irregularities. By bringing together advanced electronics, head design and proprietary software, Eriez has developed a technique that uncovers key features about the product that are not visible using standard boundary techniques. The EP drastically improves metal sensitivity by up to 300% while reducing false trips, even in traditionally challenging dairy products such as 40-pound blocks of cheese, large containers of cultured products and specialty milks.