Organic peach flavor for beverages

Allen Flavors’ organic peach flavor WONF (with other natural flavors) is said to provide juicy, fuzzy, fruity, fresh, sweet and acidic notes to teas, seltzers and sodas. The company offers more than 1,000 products in its organic portfolio, 350-plus of which are QAI-certified organic flavors.



Natural flavors for lower-sugar applications

Inspired by naturally sweet flavor technologies, Edlong’s Sweet Spot flavors were created to enhance the perception of sweetness, as well as to deliver an improved mouthfeel in lower-sugar applications. These flavors elevate the sweet taste profile while providing unique functional and aromatic synergies in foods and beverages, the company said. The benefits include boosting the flavor of low-sugar products, elevating complex taste profiles, improving mouthfeel with natural flavors and achieving versatility in any product or application.



Sweet and savory flavor options

First Choice Ingredients’ brown butter concentrates offer a complex flavor profile. The company provides two unique flavor options, one sweet and the other savory. The sweet application offers creamy brown sugar notes, perfect for baked goods and frozen desserts, the company said. The savory option is said to deliver a rich flavor with subtle burnt or charred tones, adding depth and complexity to applications such as sauces, soups and snacks.



Vegan cheese flavors and flavors for cheese analogs

Flavor Dynamics offers a library of vegan cheese flavors, including cheddar, gouda, Parmesan, bleu cheese and mozzarella. The company said many of these flavors are available as natural options. The flavors are water- or oil-soluble, non-GMO, kosher pareve, organic and halal-compliant. The company also provides flavors based on nut and coconut oils that enhance cheese analogs. These flavors are also designed for frozen dessert and snack applications.



Baked inclusions for flavor variety

Parker Products launched a line of baked inclusions for the dairy, bakery, confection, beverage and quick-service restaurant segments. The product line features brownies, cookies, cakes and more, with rotating varieties. The company introduced the line following customer requests for ingredients that add appealing textures and exciting flavors to foods and beverages. All baked inclusions meet kosher select guidelines, with some varieties available in all-natural, vegan and non-GMO formats.



Natural mango passionfruit pineapple flavor

Mother Murphy’s 2825496 natural mango passionfruit pineapple Type Fl can be used to flavor sherbet. The versatile natural flavor is used at 0.30% along with fresh mango nectar and fresh sweet cream in the sherbet and garnished with ripe mango and pineapple chunks. The flavor is 95% organic-compliant, meets all Proposition 65 requirements and is TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau) certifiable for use in alcoholic beverages. It can also be used in ice cream, yogurts, beverages, icings, glazes and baked goods. 



Instant powdered base with flavoring

Fruit punch sprint is the latest instant powdered base with flavoring in PreGel’s growing line of sprints. The flavor joins green mint sprint and butter pecan sprint in the company’s American Favorites Collection. Fruit punch sprint lends the flavor of the popular party drink toward the creation of frozen desserts such as soft-serve and sorbetto.



Extracts from natural sources

Sensient said its Natural Origins is a collection of unique “from the named source” extracts. They offer profiles with authentic tastes by creating “unique consumer experiences.” The extracts can be used alone or with natural flavors.



Caramel flavoring in liquid and powder forms

PROVA’s sweet brown flavoring specialists developed The Caramel Taste to provide an extensive line of caramel flavors, including dulce de leche, toffee and butterscotch. The company offers more than 35 flavor varieties, available in both liquid and powder forms. The company’s portfolio includes natural extracts, natural and artificial flavors, organic vanilla extracts in both liquid and powder form, and cocoa and coffee flavors and extracts.



Natural taste solutions

Code of Nature is the new Symrise taste solution platform that fulfills consumer demand for natural foods and drinks. The company said its ingredients are sourced from people and places it knows and trusts. Code of Nature offers botanical essentials with floral flavors such marigold and orange blossom. Its sweet food bases include pumpkin, banana bread, apple spice and raspberry spice.



Diverse cheese flavor options

Trilogy Essential Ingredients Inc. offers cheese flavors sourced from the highest-quality ingredients. The company offers a range of options for creating cheese flavors such as sweet strawberry cheese dessert and spicy jalapeno, bacon and onion spread. Its extensive cheese flavor collection also includes roasted garlic, horseradish, dill pickle and roasted onion.



Citrus blossom flavors

Takasago experts use proprietary analytical tools to capture blossom volatiles right at the citrus grove during peak bloom season and translate them into authentic blossom accords and flavors. The citrus blossom flavors collection includes Buddha’s Hand, Siamese Pink Pomelo, Nine Pound Lemon, Persian Lime, Tango Mandarin, Flame Grapefruit, Valencia Orange and Sunki Leaf. The natural flavors are said to feature the unique characteristics of newly blossomed citrus flowers, providing subtle floral notes for a variety of applications.



Dairy flavor profiles for use in non-dairy applications

As the dairy alternative trend continues to drive product development, Tastepoint provides solutions. The company has cultivated expertise in dairy flavor profiles for use in non-dairy applications. It offers a range of flavor solutions such as fresh cream, aged cheese, sweet browns and masking agents. The company said it can also help provide dessert-inspired or true-to-fruit flavors for yogurt applications. 



Coffee flavors and ingredients

Virginia Dare provides an extensive portfolio of coffee flavors and ingredients formulated for dairy and dairy alternative applications. The company offers cold-brew concentrates, coffee extracts and coffee flavors made from select high-quality beans and natural ingredients. Part of its portfolio comprises coffee-flavored dairy- and nut-based products, including milks, creamers, beverages, yogurt and nitro-infused drinks. The company also worked with a local organic ice creamery to co-create a cold-brew coffee ice cream with optional flavor blends and top notes such as maple-browned butter and cardamom-spiced mocha.