Packaging for ice cream and frozen desserts

Double H added a 40-ounce scround package to its growing family of ice cream and frozen dessert solutions. The newest size rounds out its scround lineup that already includes 48-, 56- and 64-ounce options. The 40-ounce is ideal for retail gelatos and sorbets as well as super premium ice cream offerings. The composite lid is further enhanced with registered skirt printing capabilities.



Carton has a contemporary design

Elopak’s new Pure-Pak Sense carton has an improved appearance and functionality. It was developed to appeal to consumer preferences and enhance brand differentiation through a new modern look and innovative functional features. This includes arched top fin printing, a rounded front panel and first touch zone. It is easy to fold.



Various sizes in refrigerated beverage cartons

Evergreen Packaging’s SmartPak Cartons include 40-ounce, 48-ounce, 52-ounce and 59-ounce size options. This new product line, designed to meet rising demands in the market for different sizes, provides benefits for brands in the areas of branding, sustainability, transportation and storage efficiencies. The four sizes add flexibility for positioning and promotional activity while also offering opportunities for lowering product and case costs. The SmartPak carton helps protect product flavor, nutrients and vitamins, according to the company.



Containers for ice cream, beverages

Stanpac recently introduced a 24-ounce paper container with a paper spiral-wound lid to the ice cream market. The company also plans to add a 12-ounce paper container and lid for novelty products and foodservice applications. It’s also introducing a 12-ounce glass refillable bottle that will hit store shelves in early November.



Plastic pail replacement

The Meta Pail from WestRock combines the company’s Meta 8 box design and CDF Corp.’s Smart Pail, a semi-rigid thermoformed collapsible insert. It is intended to be a plastic pail replacement, primarily for semi-viscous and dry products. The efficient and cost-effective alternative to typical 5-gallon plastic pails weighs up to 50% less. It also improves pallet load efficiency with 48 5-gallon units per pallet and double pallet stack capability. The environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging is collapsible and the eight-sided case offers more branding opportunities.



Recyclable paperboard containers

Frozen dessert packaging company Huhtamaki offers innovative solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a container made from recyclable paperboard. The “polyfree” coating is designed to make the entire package (cup and lid) recyclable in the company’s new PF line of recyclable paper cups and covers.



High-quality, sustainable cartons for liquid dairy products

Sacmi’s CBF (Compression Blow Forming) technology improves sealing performance, has higher consistency and repeatability of all bottle specifications and creates a more sustainable product. The 100 ml HDPE bottle can be used for single-serve liquid yogurt. It has reached a 10% weight savings compared to similar containers produced by other technologies. The half-pint (236 ml) HDPE bottle offers a 30% weight savings.

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Container enables consumers to see product inside

Airlite Plastics’ newest member to its IML product line is the N Line. It offers the ability to see product inside. The container’s top is a 410 diameter round that tapers gradually to an oblong at the bottom. This provides for broad front and back panels that work with the IML graphics. The N Line provides a full-wrap IML label and more and has a curved full-wrap IML label that covers the top portion of the container’s wall, leaving a window at the bottom to show the product inside. The N Line provides a bottom label that allows for added product information. It is available in the sizes of 8-ounce, 12-ounce and 16-ounce.

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Liner family and shipper used with aseptic fillers

Arena Products now offers a new addition to its Air-Evac liner family as well as a new version of its Arena 330 Shipper, which takes the place of the large stainless steel tanks used by many companies. This bag and box combination can be filled by aseptic fillers that require steaming the connecting valve. It interfaces with a DIN 50 connector that is used by many automatic fillers working with non-collapsible tanks, and fills and discharges through the same valve which is located in either the bottom corner or bottom center of the Arena 330 Shipper.



Aseptic carton bottle that is completely recyclable

Tetra Evero Aseptic from Tetra Pak is an aseptic carton bottle that brings new functionality along with environmental, technological and cost benefits for the U.S. dairy beverage industry. The packaging format allows producers to deliver shelf-stable milk in an attention-grabbing package. The package combines the easy handling and pouring of a bottle with the environmental and cost advantages of a carton.