Sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar

Beneo said its Isomalt is the only sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar, which gives it a natural taste and sweetness while being 100% sugar-free. It provides a taste profile almost equal to sucrose, but with a softer sweetness intensity and only half the calories, thereby curbing the glucose response, the company said. Isomalt is produced in a two-stage process. The composition and properties of the sweetener can be tailored to suit applications just by adjusting the process parameters. When combined with intense sweeteners, Isomalt can achieve a synergistic sweetness profile without producing any undesired aftertaste. It’s said to serve well in a wide variety of sugar-reduced dairy products, including ice cream and dairy desserts, as well as cream fillings.



Sweetener with Reb M and Reb D stevia leaf compounds

Cargill’s EverSweet is a zero-calorie next-generation sweetener made with two sweet compounds found in the stevia leaf, Reb M and Reb D. Since the stevia plant produces only trace amounts of Reb M and Reb D, fermentation allows for large quantities of these sought-after sweet compounds to be commercially produced in a more sustainable way.



High Reb M sweetener system

GLG Life Tech Corp. collaborated with Archer Daniels Midland Co. to create a high-Reb M product line. This stevia product line facilitates sugar replacement with better-tasting low-calorie natural sweetening systems that provide a sugar-like sensory experience. The high-Reb M products are developed from a physical extraction process performed on GLG LifeTech’s proprietary Dream Sweetener stevia leaves.  The leaves have exceptionally high quantities of those steviol glycosides (Reb M) that have a particularly sugar-like taste. Whether used alone or combined in a sweetener or flavor system, these high-Reb M products work well across all food and beverage applications without resulting in the bitterness, astringent notes or lingering sweetness associated with some other stevia ingredients.



Crystalline fructose as a nutritive sweetener

Fruitn’Sweet is Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd.’s brand name for crystalline fructose. The white hygroscopic odorless crystals are very soluble in water and have a sweet taste. The product is mainly used as a nutritive sweetener in the processing and formulating of food. The sweetener is produced from gluten-free non-GMO carbohydrates derived from corn. The corn starch is hydrolyzed to glucose monomers, which then are converted to a mixture of glucose and fructose with the enzyme glucose isomerase. The fructose is then separated chromatographically out of the mixture, purified and crystallized.

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Natural sweetener that’s safe for diabetic, low-carb diets

Icons Foods released KetoseSweet+, a natural sweetener featuring D-Allulose as the primary ingredient. Unlike fructose and glucose, allulose is not rapidly digested or absorbed, making it safe for diabetics, those who follow low-sugar or low-carb diets, and those who have adopted a ketogenic lifestyle, the company said. KetoseSweet+ also includes the natural sweeteners stevia and monk fruit, giving it a one-to-one sweetness with sugar. Available in granulated powder and liquid syrup, the sweetener solution is clean-label friendly and works well in hot and cold beverages, frozen dairy desserts and more.



Natural solution to reduce added sugar

Frutalose SFP from Sensus America is a natural solution to reduce “added sugar” in a variety of applications. The product boasts 55% of the sweetness of sucrose, yet still is 85% dietary fiber. The functional properties of Frutalose SFP allow it to be used as a direct replacement for sugar. It has been shown to reduce sugar by as much as 33% without negatively impacting the taste and texture of the finished product. It also has the ability to mask high-intensity sweeteners and works particularly well with stevia to create natural low-calorie sweetener systems. Frutalose SFP can be used to make fiber and digestive health claims, too. This ingredient is Non-GMO Project Verified and gluten-free.



Organic sweetener options

The Ingredient House added more organic sweetener options to its portfolio. The company now offers organic versions of erythritol, Luo Han Guo (monk fruit), stevia and agave syrup, which all work well in dairy applications. All of these sweeteners are label-friendly and come in standard grades.



Reb M sweetener that’s 95% pure

Bestevia Reb M stevia leaf sweetener is distributed by Ingredion for its partner SweeGen. The 95% pure Reb M sweetener solution is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, with a much cleaner sensory profile than traditional stevia sweeteners. It enables processors to reduce more sugar in applications. It is ideal for dairy applications such yogurt, ice cream and flavored milks.



Sweetener solutions with stevia, monk fruit

Layn Corp. introduced its SteviUp and Lovia sweetening platforms at the 2018 Vitafoods Europe event in May. SteviUp is Layn’s branded plant-based stevia sweetening platform. The sweetener combines various exotic steviol glycosides. Lovia is a unique blend of stevia and monk fruit. It incorporates mogroside compounds to prolong the effect of the sweetness and improve the flavor profile of food and beverage products.



Vanilla crème Sweet Drops

SweetLeaf vanilla crème Sweet Drops can be used to sweeten and flavor beverages, food and recipes. The liquid stevia drops come in 16 flavors. All flavors can be ordered in bulk for any size manufacturer. The drops provide flavor and sweetness without any added or hidden sugars. They have zero calories and no artificial ingredients, do not produce a glycemic response, and are gluten-free and kosher. 



Natural sugar substitute

Royal Ingredients LLC released HEYLO, a sugar alternative. HEYLO has no taste, texture or gut health trade-off, the company said. It’s made with only two natural ingredients — water-extracted (not chemically extracted) stevia and all-natural dietary fibers from the acacia tree. The ingredient is a prebiotic that is entirely free from artificial sweeteners. It has no chemicals, no diuretic effect, a zero glycemic index value and zero calories. The company said it’s ideal for those who want to consume less sugar but still want to enjoy sweet foods and beverages. HEYLO has been successfully applied in non-carbonated beverages, dairy products, chocolate and more.