High-production-capacity filler

Designed for high production capacity, Evergreen Packaging’s QL-233 filler can handle fill volumes of 180 milliliters to 1 liter (6 to 32 ounces). It fills up to 14,000 standard cross-section gable-top cartons per hour with a single-stage bottom-up fill system. The servo-driven technology automatically controls fill volumes and profiles based on product and carton size. The QL-233 is a four-line machine and has a compact caterpillar conveyor utilizing a single drive for two lines, and a low index rate for gentle product management. The single-piece frame has a stainless steel tubular construction; there is a protected non-wash area for critical components. An auto-sanitize system is standard with optional extended shelf life components available, including environmental control features, carton decontamination and automatic clean in place/product return.  

319-399-3294; www.evergreenpackaging.com


Ultra-hygienic weight fillers

Federal XACT-FIL weight fillers provide accurate ultra-hygienic, non-contact filling for fluid dairy, beverage and liquid food applications. Non-contact filling means nozzles and valves never come in contact with containers, which eliminates potential sources of contamination. The complete machine design provides ease of cleaning and hygienic operation. New ultra-hygienic design features include easy-to-clean frame-less upper guarding, open-door hinges and threadless locking plungers for all change parts, eliminating hard-to-clean harborage points. The filling system is fully steam sterilizable, and permanently mounted wash rings make clean-in-place setup fast and easy, the company said. The filler base and load cell enclosures are IP67 wash-down rated, which ensures optimum performance in wet environments.

844-212-1704; www.federalmfg.com


Aseptic laboratory fillers 

MicroThermics’ aseptic laboratory fillers provide assurance for small-scale filling and enable products to be filled into consumer-style bottles, the company said. They are ideal for tradeshow samples, product/package interaction studies, extended-shelf life studies and taste panels. The X250 Model 2 fills up to 250 bottles per hour with a demonstrated 4-log reduction of bacteria in the filler, and 5-log reduction in bottles and caps. A higher-speed model, the X500, is available for higher-volume needs.

919-878-8032; www.microthermics.com


Trough with simple, easy-to-clean design

Fogg Filler’s 3A trough is said to have a simplified design, which means fewer replacement parts, less to clean and less to maintain, the company said. The big inside radiuses and no sharp corners make the trough easy to clean. Two spray balls directly in the trough, as well as one in the funnel, completely clean the product path. It has integrated covers so nothing can drip into the product pathway. This also means the product can be reclaimed and reused if desired. The machine is also equipped with a robust roller system to slide the trough in and out of position with a simple touch of a button.

616-786-3644; www.foggfiller.com


Sanitary rotary cup fill and seal machine

Hinds-Bock’s rotary cup fill and seal machine (with the addition of a filler such as the SP-64) provides a rugged, safe and sanitary way to accurately fill, seal and lid containers. Dairy processors may choose from two models, ideal for in-store or central commissary production, the company said. The rotary cup seal and lid is ideal for dips such as hummus and tzatziki, Alfredo sauce, nacho cheese sauce, salad dressing and many other flowable products.

877-292-5715; www.hinds-bock.com


Vacuum fillers with 3-A certification

The Handtmann VF 800 D vacuum filler series, developed specifically for dairy processing, has a 3-A certificate of authorization. Numerous technological advancements and design innovations allow the VF 800 D to meet the rigorous 3-A sanitation standard, the company said. The vacuum fillers have also been designed with high levels of operational scalability and production flexibility, so processors can increase their throughput as needed and more efficiently meet the ever-growing consumer demand for new products without purchasing additional vacuum fillers.

847-808-1100; www.handtmann.us


Bag-in-box aseptic filling system

Rapak’s Intasept, the only bag-in-box aseptic system in the market that offers the security of heat-sealed closure before and after filling, was expanded to new applications such as functional foods, the company said. The system may be used to supply active ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins that are added to dairy or other products. The company’s Instasept technology comprises gland and filling systems that are used together for the sealed hygienic filling. The uniqueness of the system results from the double membrane technology of the gland, which is available in 32-millimeter and 16-millimeter formats. The system is available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic options for 1- to 20-liter bags, as well as for bulk containers.

630-296-2000; www.dssmith.com/rapak


Aseptic filling equipment with dry preform sterilization

The Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis merges dry preform sterilization with aseptic blowing, filling and sealing functions within a single production enclosure. The system produces commercially sterile product, filled in a sterile zone in a previously sterilized package. It differs from traditional aseptic technology because the package sterilization takes place during the preform rather than during the bottle phase, the company said. Sidel recently received FDA approval for the filler.  

678-221-3000; www.sidel.com 


Double-head auger filler

SternMaid America installed a modern double-head system to increase the capacity of its can filling line. The double-head auger filler dispenses powders into as many as 50 cans per minute per head. Thus, up to 6,000 cans can be filled per hour with a broad range of powdered products. Changeover for different pack sizes is easy, and the machine is able to fill cans of up to 6 inches in diameter and 3 to 10 inches in height. Filling weight depends on the can size and the product’s bulk volume. 

630-270-1100; www.sternmaid-america.com


Compact filling machine         

Tetra Pak’s Tetra Evero packages are formed, sterilized and filled in the company’s state-of-the-art A6 filling machine. A unique gas-phase sterilization technique developed specifically for Tetra Evero ensures product safety and shelf-stability, the company said. The system features fast direct-injection molding technology and creates a unique bottle-shaped top. The company said the compact A6 takes up half the space of an aseptic PET line.

940-565-8800; www.tetrapak.com/us


Fillers with portioning accuracy, versatility

Vemag fillers from Reiser are ideal for all types of filling, depositing and portioning applications. The versatile Vemag precisely portions all types of stiff and viscous products, including processed cheese, cheese dips and spreads, sour cream and more. The filler features a powerful positive-displacement double-screw pump that provides the highest levels of portioning accuracy, the company said. The double-screw pump transports product extremely gently without overworking it. The Reiser-engineered dripless valve attachment is a filling head that connects to the Vemag filler. The dripless valve fills cups, trays and packages accurately and gently without mess or container contamination.

781-821-1290; www.reiser.com


Filling solutions for cups, trays, pouches

Waldner Dosomat machines are clean-in-place rated IP-65 and feature USA dairy environment construction. Applications include yogurt; cheese products such as cream cheese, cheese spreads and cottage cheese; butter and margarine, sour cream, dressings, puddings and dairy-based desserts. The company offers rotary and in-line machines. The fillers feature servo-motor controls throughout to provide accurate and automatic adjustment of machine operations. They also feature quick change of cup formats with tool-less engineering design. Closures can be a combination of pre-cut aluminum foils, films and snap-on lids.

914-337-2005; www.ptipactech.com