Chobani LLC, maker of America's No. 1 Greek yogurt brand and the second-largest overall yogurt manufacturer in the United States, unveiled a major brand evolution in celebration of its 10th anniversary as a national brand. To bring specialness and magic to the yogurt shelf and position itself for another decade of growth in yogurt and beyond, the Norwich, N.Y.-based company said it evolved its visual identity with a new wordmark, packaging design and new products offered regionally.

"We make yogurt, but our business is wellness — for the fans who enjoy our products to the communities we operate in," said Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and commercial officer, Chobani. "We spent the past 10 years focusing on the impact our company can and does have on communities across America, using food as a force for good.

“That's framing how we're looking at the next decade, and our new packaging is the first glimpse into that,” he added. “It's a beautiful translation of our brand and our purpose that moves us closer to becoming a food-focused wellness company."

Chobani said its vision to make universal wellness happen sooner builds on the company's founding mission to provide better food for more people. Going forward, Chobani will invest in nutrition wellness — scaling its efforts to provide better food for more people. It also will invest in social wellness — increasing its investment in the communities it serves and the people who craft its food. Finally, it will invest in environmental wellness by building a supply chain that ensures the planet's health.

To bring this vision to life for consumers, Chobani said it is launching an evolution of the brand's creative expression — Fighting for Happily Ever After — which is shaping everything from the brand's packaging, website and campaigns to its cafés and more.

Chobani's in-house creative team spent more than a year developing the evolved brand look and feel, the company noted. This evolution differentiates the brand at shelf and reflects the values of the company.

The new creative will be supported by a robust integrated campaign to inform and educate consumers. The campaign will include online video, shopper marketing, and social and PR programs. In February, the brand is planning a major commemoration of its 10th anniversary, including activations for fans and initiatives focused on strengthening communities, Chobani said.

And beginning in December, Chobani will be rolling out its first-ever regional offering, Chobani with a Hint Of — a simply crafted blended Greek yogurt made with only natural ingredients, hand-selected varietal real fruits and spices for delicious flavor with less sweetness. Priced at $1.49 per 5.3-ounce cup, A Hint Of will be available first in the Pacific, Northeast and Florida markets, Chobani said, and expanded to national distribution in July 2018.

A Hint Of offers only natural sweeteners (9 grams of sugar), high protein (12 grams) and a mildly sweet taste in five curated flavors, including Madagascar vanilla cinnamon, wild blueberry, Monterey strawberry, Gili cherry and Alphonso mango, Chobani said. The company is also expanding its offerings across existing product platforms. For more information about Chobani's evolution, visit