Whole fruit concentrate purées

Tree Top’s Whole Fruit Concentrate Fruit Purees are processed to retain better color and flavor of the whole fruit. These purées are full of flavor, have a rich look and good texture, and they can sweeten any products without using added sugars. Fruit purées can be labeled “made with real fruit” and are available in apricot, blackberry, blueberry, apple, plum, mango, raspberry, peach, pear, cherry, strawberry and tropical fruit. They are available in aseptic and frozen.

509-698-1435; www.treetopingredients.com


Premium brewed liquid tea

Amelia Bay offers premium brewed clean-label teas. Its brewed liquid tea is clean and easy to use versus batch steeping or working with instant tea powders, and can reduce batching times by up to 50%. Adding “brewed tea” on a label can differentiate a product in a crowded marketplace, said the company. The company offers many clear, consistent and stable teas that are blended, brewed and formulated all in one location.

770-772-6360; www.ameliabay.com


Creates suspension in beverage applications

Kelcogel HA-B [E] gellan gum from CP Kelco is ideal for alternative dairy beverages because it effectively suspends insoluble particulates like cocoa as well as fortification ingredients like calcium, proteins and/or fibers without impacting viscosity. Kelcogel HA-B [E] gellan gum is used at low use levels and fits well into current processing lines and procedures. For alternative dairy beverage makers seeking non-GMO ingredients, this gellan gum has received non-GMO certification for the United States.

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Starch solutions maintain or improve cheese performance

Precisa 680 from Ingredion creates highly functional and cost-efficient cheese products that use the traditional whey-separation process — and maintain a high-quality whey stream — with starch. Companies can create cheese products with improved texture attributes. Precisa 680 modified corn starch demonstrated improved texture and functional attributes in pizza applications, when compared to cheeses that were manufactured only with milk. Cheese products manufactured with the starch and used in pizza applications showed reduced chewiness after baking as well as longer lifespan under a heat lamp.

800-713-0208; www.ingredion.us/dairy 


Starter cultures offer flavor characteristics of fermented milk

AiBi Starter Cultures in a kefir smoothie won a good choice quality food and drink award in the United Kingdom. The award focuses on products that offer fine ingredients, great taste and highlight the best practice in food and drink products that are specifically designed and marketed as “healthier” or “free from.” A kefir smoothie from manufacturer Bio-tiful was produced using freeze-dried cultures.  Made with organic British milk, it is naturally low in lactose and high in nutrition.

910-693-0037; www.theingredienthouse.com


Stabilizer systems designed for RTD, dairy-based protein beverages

TIC Gums expanded its portfolio of clean label hydrocolloids with new stabilizer systems. Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD and Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD High Viscosity address challenges associated with dairy beverage development including age gelation, protein stabilization and texture needs while adhering to clean label parameters. Manufacturers now have the ability to customize the desired textural attributes found in such applications while maintaining the stability of the finished product and extending its shelf life.

800-899-3953; www.ticgums.com


Formula designed for extra mild yogurt formulations

YO-MIX M01 Yogurt culture from the DuPont Nutrition and Health’s Danisco range is a new formulation of the lactic bacteria Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, selected for their ability to provide extra mildness despite variations in yogurt processing or challenging distribution conditions. It offers more flexibility in stirred yogurt processing, such as longer time in the fermentation tank before cooling or higher cooling temperature for higher yogurt texture. It is also a fast fermenting culture that delivers a high and short yogurt texture.

800-255-6837; www.danisco.com


Natural solution to reduce ‘added sugar’ in a variety of applications

Frutalose SFP from Sensus America is 55% as sweet as sucrose yet still contains 85% dietary fiber. Its functional properties allow it to be used as a direct replacement for sugar. It has been shown to directly reduce sugar by as much as 33% without negatively impacting the taste and texture of the finished product. It also has the ability to mask high-intensity sweeteners and works very well with stevia to create natural, low-calorie sweetener systems. The product is natural, non-GMO, gluten free and low GI.

646-452-6140; www.inspiredbyinulin.com