Whey protein ingredient solution for cream cheese

Arla Foods Ingredients launched a whey protein ingredient solution, Nutrilac CH-7694, which is said to cut the cream cheesemaking process from 20 hours to 30 minutes. The ingredient is easy to handle and highly versatile, which makes it suitable for further processing into products such as cheesecakes and sushi, the company said. The key to the speedy production process is the elimination of the fermentation and separation processes.

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Salt designed for consistent absorption

Cargill’s Alberger fine flake salt consists of tiny multi-faceted crystals created from a process that starts with a hollow pyramid shape. The unique crystals, with a large surface area and low bulk density, allow cheese manufacturers to achieve more consistent absorption of salt and faster dissolution for brine systems. They may also increase the amount of salt that ends up in the cheese, reducing the amount of chlorides that end up in the salty whey. 

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Protective cultures for clean-label products

DuPont Nutrition & Health celebrated the 20th anniversary of the introduction of its Danisco HOLDBAC YM Protective Cultures, which naturally maintain the taste and quality of yogurts, cheese and other fresh fermented foods throughout shelf life while also delivering flexibility to customers’ production processes. The cultures are created without using a synthetic preservative such as sorbate, making this solution ideal for today’s clean-label-seeking consumers.

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Benzoate-free enzyme for accelerated cheese ripening

DSM’s Accelerzyme CPG, a proprietary enzyme for accelerated cheese ripening, is now benzoate-free. With this upgrade, DSM’s core portfolio of cheese enzymes — including Maxiren XDS and Fromase — is now completely benzoate-free, allowing cheesemakers to respond to growing consumer demand for dairy products with a clean and clear label.

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Starter culture for Mediterranean-style white cheese

DVS White Flora is the latest addition to Chr. Hansen’s white cheese starter culture range. The new product series consists of three cultures that aid the formation of rich and aromatic notes in white cheese and ensure consistent cheese quality and robust manufacturing, the company said. The strains used in the culture system are carefully characterized and selected from 30,000 strains to ensure consistent performance. The three robust culture systems within the series achieve the same highly controlled acidification and have the same tolerance to salt and temperature.

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