Iced tea premix 

Allen Flavors offers its latest non-GMO iced tea premix, Organic Non-GMO Project Verified Black Tea Premix. The company’s convenient iced tea premixes and beverage kits are popular in the dairy and beverage industry, according to the company. It has developed turnkey solutions for every tea and tea beverage style on the market. The Black Tea premix is certified organic by Quality Assurance International and kosher by the Orthodox Union. Packaging can be tailored to a company’s specifications.



Clean-label color

GNT’s Exberry spicy yellow shade harnesses the natural vibrancy of turmeric, offering a golden glow to dairy-based beverages. Unlike commodity-market turmeric powder, which carries with it a risk of adulteration, this is derived from raw materials sourced from the company’s own network of farmers. The unique water-based manufacturing process doesn’t require the use of any chemical solvents, which results in a pure turmeric concentrate. It is water-soluble and heat-stable, organic-compliant and useable in a range of pH levels.



Blood sugar stabilizer

Palatinose (isomaltulose) from Beneo is derived from pure beet sugar and has a natural, sugar-like taste and mild sweetness. It offers a low and slow glycemic carbohydrate to supply energy in the form of glucose, more steadily and over a longer period of time than sucrose. It is the ideal ingredient for the production of low-glycemic beverages with a prolonged, optimized energy supply, including dairy-based sports and energy products. The ingredient’s acid and temperature stability results in a longer shelf life.



Clean-label tea

Ready-to-drink (RTD) teas from Amelia Bay are premium clean-label teas that offer beverage manufacturers a brewed liquid tea that is clean, cost-effective and easy to use. The company uses advanced brewing technology with closed, continuous brewing and all-natural optimization methods to capture each tea’s essential flavor profile in every batch, enabling RTD beverage manufacturers to deliver both a clean label and a consistently high-quality product to meet the growing clean-label market.



Tropical fruits combine with dairy products for added nutrition

The team at iTi Tropicals recently developed prototypes of tropical fruit milk. Mango puree, guava puree and banana puree are mixed with low-fat dairy milk to make a healthful and tasty drink. They can be created separately or mixed for a tropical blend. These tropical fruit purees provide additional natural vitamins, including but not limited to vitamins C, A and B, and vibrant colors to a normally white palate.



Pulse proteins for smoothies and drinkable yogurts

Ingredion and AGT Foods’ clean-taste pulse ingredients allow the inclusion of pulse proteins in a wider range of applications and permit higher usage levels. The Vitessence clean-taste pulse proteins were developed using a proprietary technology that improves the flavor profile of pulse ingredients while maintaining overall nutritional content and clean-label positioning. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian and sustainably sourced. Pulses are naturally very high in protein and dietary fiber. They are rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium and are a source of B vitamins and folic acid.



Cold brew mocha protein beverage

Flavorchem’s Cold Brew Mocha Protein Beverage is made with the company’s Cold Brew Coffee Extract. The protein beverage is ideal for a nutritional supplement, with only 100 calories and 15 grams of protein per 8-fluid-ounce serving. The company offers a variety of cold brew extracts, with attributes and advantages including authentic flavor profiles, lower acidity with clean flavor profile. Products can also be non-GMO Project Verified and certified organic. Custom blends are available.



Whey protein isolate for dairy drinks

Hilmar 9020 clear whey protein isolate from Hilmar Ingredients gives 12 grams of high-quality protein. It remains clear in liquids, has excellent acid stability and is heat-stable across processing methods. Hibiscus tea and guarana seed are the drink’s sources of natural energy. An 8-ounce serving has 100% of the recommended daily intake for B vitamins and only 5 grams of cane sugar per serving, with a total of 80 calories. Hilmar 9020 can also be used in any typical dairy application, including smoothies, shakes, drinkable yogurts and more.



Solutions for better-tasting functional beverages

Sensient Flavors offers a portfolio of Sweet Solutions that address taste and mouthfeel challenges in functional beverage formulations. Label-friendly and customizable, the solutions are designed for reduced-sugar, low-sugar and sugar-free products in a variety of beverages, including dairy. The line addresses challenges such as undesirable sourness and astringent off-notes naturally found in dairy products or through the addition of artificial sweeteners. They can be used independently or combined to create a tailor-made solution for a base and flavor that offer the best optimized results, and are natural, EU-compliant and GMO-free.



Natural energy sources

Coffeeberry energy from FutureCeuticals provides standardized levels of organic caffeine plus the unique polyphenols from whole coffee fruit. Fully soluble Coffeeberry energy is a workout powerhouse ingredient like no other, delivering organic caffeine as nature originally intended. The patented Coffeeberry is ideal for adding energy to any food or beverage formulation. GRAS, non-GMO Project Verified, QAI organic, vegan and kosher, Coffeeberry energy from whole coffee fruit is organic by nature and clean by design.



Creamer for coffee or addition to smoothies, shakes, yogurt

Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.’s Coconut MCT Energy Boost is the company’s latest coconut product. It is a water-soluble, concentrated source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Made with the company’s proprietary LCO 100TM, sourced from 100% coconut, it is a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to regular MCT oil that mixes easily into hot or cold beverages with no blender required. It offers 7.3 grams-14.6 grams of MCT per serving with a creamy taste and mouthfeel, and comes in vanilla and neutral flavors. Custom flavor development is also available.



Naturally sweet, minimal-calorie solution for beverages

Steviva Ingredients offers MonkSweet+, a blend of highly purified monk fruit (lo han guo), stevia extracts and erythritol, as an all-natural sugar replacement for beverages. Twice as sweet as sugar with 0.2 calories per gram, MonkSweet+ has a low-glycemic load. The clean-flavored, naturally sweet blend has a mouthfeel similar to sugar and does not require additional bulking agents. MonkSweet+ is designed to reduce calories in products typically formulated with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial, high-intensity sweeteners.



Fruit purées sweeten products without added sugars

Tree Top Ingredients’ Single Strength and Concentrated Fruit Purées add sweetness and nutritional value to products, and according to the FDA, aren’t counted as added sugar. Made with fresh whole fruit, purées provide rich flavor, good texture, nutritional value and additional fiber, and can be labeled as made with real fruit. The company’s fruit purée flavors include apricot, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, grape, mango, peach, pear, cherry, raspberry, tropical and apple, and organic options are offered. Custom fruit ingredients are also available.



Organic and natural flavor concepts

Blue Pacific has developed a portfolio of product concepts featuring organic and natural multicultural flavors for dairy and plant-based milks. The Asian Origins line includes organic and natural flavor concepts featuring Korean Black Sesame, Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Filipino Purple Yam and Indonesian Pandan. In addition, the company recently developed organic yogurt natural WONF fruit flavors inspired by local California farmer’s market heirloom fruits.



Natural color emulsions

DDW’s line of EmulsiTech natural color emulsions are beta-carotene and paprika emulsions that provide developers with a variety of yellow to orange options for natural and processed cheeses. They have great functionality in dairy because they are heat- and light-stable, have low flavor and provide a simple label. EmulsiTech colors can be easily incorporated into almost any water-based product. For product developers wanting organic colors for cheese, the company also offers several certified organic annatto products in liquid or powder, water-soluble or oil-soluble forms.



Clean-label colors

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates manufactures clean-label colors from natural sources and grape juice concentrates. Products are kosher- and halal-certified and non-GMO. Grenache Shade is an all-vegetable blend that provides a deep purple shade and is an alternative to grape skin extract while providing superior color stability. Tinto Shade is an all-vegetable blend that provides a bright magenta shade for an alternative to cochineal/carmine. Red 200 provides color and sugar (from a fruit source) that can be used as an alternative to white grape, apple and pear juice concentrate. 



All-natural sweetener

The National Honey Board promotes honey as the dairy industry’s ideal all-natural sweetener for developing clean-label products with flavor, functionality and marketability. From ice cream and yogurt to dairy beverages and spreads, honey gives product developers a tool that delivers flavor, mouthfeel and a touch of sweetness. The industry-funded agriculture promotion group works to educate consumers about the benefits and uses for honey and honey products through research, marketing and promotional programs.



Natural botanical colors for dairy applications

Available for any food or beverage application, including dairy beverages, Sensient Food Color’s Natural Brown botanical colors provide beautiful brown shades and are great alternatives to caramel coloring.



Citrate-based mineral compounds

Gadomag K, a magnesium-potassium citrate compound designed for magnesium fortification, and Gadocal K, a calcium-potassium citrate compound designed for calcium fortification, are halal- and kosher-certified customized solutions from Gadot America. Both provide stable suspension with no sedimentation in milk and milk alternatives with no need for additional stabilizers. Both are non-GMO Project Verified citrate-based mineral compounds, designed to supplement products conveniently with a readily absorbable form of minerals. They are best suited for UHT protein-containing beverages, and have a neutral taste and improved mouthfeel.


Non-GMO liquid caramel color

Sethness has developed another non-GMO Class I caramel color, SB121 Liquid Caramel Color, the 11th Class I caramel color in the company’s portfolio. Manufactured from non-genetically modified cane sucrose, SB121 is ideal in various non-GMO applications. It is also much darker than typical Class I offerings, and offers an appealing brown hue. All of the company’s Class I, or plain caramel colors, are minimally processed, and no ammonium or sulfite compounds are used in the manufacturing.



Fresh-frozen lime juice

Del Carmen Foods offers 100% all-natural premium food and beverage ingredients. Its lime juice is made from fresh frozen fruits and comes in a variety of formats to meet any company’s exacting specifications. The company offers a full line of organic and conventional fruit and vegetable ingredients, taking well-ripened products and preparing them to companies’ specifications by its FSVP activities-verified processors.



Calcium fortification for soy drinks

Corbion’s proven range of calcium salts and zinc solutions provides effective dairy fortification while helping to meet a wide range of processing challenges.  The Puracal QStable, a stabilized calcium carbonate, is specifically developed for calcium fortification of neutral pH soy milk or soy-based drinks. This ready-to-use calcium source presents high solubility and proven stability, and helps to create products with superior flavor and a smooth mouthfeel while avoiding sedimentation.