The Meyer Klean-In-Place II rotary airlock feeder valve is suited for dairy, food and baking applications. The re-designed two-slide bar offers stability using linear bearings, and provides maximum support of the rotor when out so the valve can be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and inspected in a short time. This feature makes the USDA-approved device ideal for frequent cleaning and sanitary service. Its self-aligning drive eliminates complicated drive handles. The valves are available with round flanges and standard airlock options.

847-918-0111; www.wmwmeyer.com


Graco’s SaniForce elevator evacuates materials under 150,000 cps from drums, bins and totes. The FDA-compliant stainless steel unit is ideal for unloading less than two containers per hour by either scooping or using chains or hoists. The single-post elevator lowers in and lifts pumps out of a variety of container sizes, and comes with or without SaniForce 2:1, 5:1 or 6:1 piston pumps. Its articulating arm helps unload multiple containers from the same location, and it can be mounted to the floor or moved around a standard pallet.

877-844-7226; www.gracosaniforce.com


Modular valve bodies from Burkert are compact, robust and require no connecting elements. The units increase system safety and reduce installation needs. The valves can be tailored for fluid-related solutions, such as distribution, collection or mixing. Sensors, filters or non-return valves can be integrated for measuring, filtration or control for applications such as multichannel cooling of processes; CIP cleaning; valve nodes for the collection, distribution or mixing of liquid or gaseous media; or steam distribution for sterilization.

949-223-3100; www.burkert-usa.com


piCLASSIC is Piab’s upgraded vacuum pump series based on Coax technology. Suitable for a wide range of applications with large capacities despite its small size and low weight, it has been designed with greater efficiencies than previous pumps in this size class. It’s easy to turn off/on, making it ideal for operations that only need vacuum intermittently. Available with 70% more vacuum flow capacity and a choice of three options to optimize performance and capacity, the design is modular to enable upgrading of the pump’s performance by adding cartridges.

800-321-7422; www.piab.com


The PMO mix-proof valve from Definox meets dairy sanitary requirements. The valve allows two different liquids to cross over safely even during seat-lifting operations, and production no longer needs to completely stop during cleaning operations. The Control Top allows remote viewing of the status of the valve. It’s easy to adapt and configure, and offers a multitude of feedback with its linear sensor and pressure-relief valve. The Signal Top with its electronic modules, which are resin-potted, offers strength and protection components.

262-797-5730; www.definox.com


The patent-pending ZP1+ positive displacement pump from Ampco Pumps saves maintenance time and reduces downtime by allowing O-rings to be changed without disconnecting from the piping system. O-rings are located at the front of the body and the sleeve is a mating part of the rotor. The pump also offers CIP capability and secondary sleeve/spring assembly that seals the pump if the rotors are removed for CIP processing. A stainless steel gear case is standard, along with 17-4ph shafts, stainless bearing retainers and helical gears.

800-737-8671; www.ampcopumps.com


Pentair Südmo’s DSV Complete 660 valve is designed as a cost-effective solution for mix-proof protection in CIP systems. When placed at the intersection of two pipeline systems, such as separation between CIP supply and utility lines, the D660 serves as a mix-proof shut-off device. The cleaning of the leakage space is accomplished with a compression seat seal, which through the valve opening and closing, guarantees the leakage space is flushed in every actuation of the valve, ensuring sufficient cleaning without seat lift.

262-725-9026; www.sudmona.com


The Rieger hygienic piggable double seal valve N4 allows pigging of the product due to the straight passage in the lower valve body (or upside down). Only three elastomeric sealings are in contact with the product, keeping spare parts cost to a minimum. Sealing cleaning is done by lifting up the valve disk in both directions. A separate leakage valve indicates any sealing problems, and a second valve can be attached to SIP/CIP during production to save time and money.

262-657-5566; www.flowproducts.us

9. SPX

The SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand offers positive displacement (PD) pump technology. Its Universal series PD pumps features a hygienic design that can be tailored to specific requirements. The range incorporates COP Universal 1 pumps and CIP Universal 2 pumps that ensure efficient, hygienic operation. The pumps provide an exceptionally close fit between rotors and pump body for low-slip operation even at low viscosity. Large rotor fluid cavities and anti-cavitation ports also mean the pumps efficiently handle thick fluids and large particles.

888-278-4321; www.spx.com


The LKH-75 from Alfa Laval features enlarged inlets combined with an advanced impeller design for unobstructed product flow and very low NPSH requirements. The pump has a capacity of up to 800 gpm and can deliver pressures of up to 200 feet of water column. It operates at 1800 RPM, and features low power consumption and noise emission levels, enabling high flow rates with extremely gentle product treatment to maintain the taste and value drivers of high-volume milk production.

800-558-4060; www.alfalaval.us


Rotary Valve Solutions reconditions stainless steel rotary valves back to original factory specifications, including demountable valves with easy-clean disassembly features, and Nu-Con and DMN brand names. Reconditioning helps ensure the performance of the process doesn’t deteriorate and helps prevent metal contamination and costly valve replacement. RVS offers free, no-obligation parts and labor estimates. A service report is provided after reassembly, run testing and final inspection that explains the parts and labor required to get the valve back to as-new condition.  

952-279-5205; www.rotaryvalve-solutions.com


Valveless metering pumps and dispensers are available in a wide range from Fluid Metering. The company’s products integrate its patented CeramPump valveless pumping principle. The CeramPump uses one moving part, a sapphire-hard ceramic piston, to perform all fluid control functions, eliminating valves typically present in low-volume metering technologies.

800-223-3388; www.fmipump.com


The CL03 Clean Line wash-down pneumatic directional control valve line from Aventics is used in areas where direct contact with food is possible, as well as areas where high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning of machines is required. The valves meet the IP69K protection class for high-pressure wash down and can be easily cleaned with chemicals. The hygienic design of the polymer cover prevents dirt accumulation. The CL03 does not require a control cabinet, and two sizes of manifoldable valves are available, with flows up to 1.4Cv.

859-254-8031; www.aventics.com/us


The tank-style pump from Osgood Industries is ideal for viscous and liquid products not requiring product agitation. The O ring-free pump features precision and motion-control combinations for optimal lane-to-lane fill consistency. The efficient and precise pump now offers optional SIP “Steam In Place” and/or H2O2 sterilization. The unit provides equal distribution of product across all lanes, reduced risk of product contamination and CIP capabilities — when the pistons and cutoff stems retract into the hopper and are cleaned simultaneously — reducing CIP time, water, chemicals and downtime.

813-792-4547; www.osgoodinc.com


The CP-3 mix-proof valve from Tetra Pak was designed for user flexibility. Having the fewest wetted components and elastomers, it is fully configurable and is also compliant with PMO and 3-A requirements for continuous dairy processing. Built on the Unique mix-proof proven design platform, the modular design offers a wide variety of options, such as smaller and lighter configuration for PMO applications, upper seat lift detection, continuous processing without external CIP supply, mixed housings and others.

847-955-6011; www.tetrapak.com/usprocessing


Flowtrend offers the 3-A-certified 700 series seat valves. Made from stainless steel, these valves feature highly polished wetted areas to eliminate microscopic crevices that can promote bacterial growth. They are available in 1-inch to 4-inch sizes, with either a shut-off or divert-body design. The FT 700 series actuator stem and piston assembly are supported internally by PTFE split bushings to reduce wear on the piston seal. All actuators feature a coated, caged spring to prevent corrosion and allow for maintenance.

281-990-8582; www.flowtrend.com


ThermOmegaTech’s silent type venturi mixer washdown station delivers a high-temperature wash down using a proprietary mixing valve combining steam and water for a constant stream at the operator’s set temperature. The safety shutoff feature essentially eliminates the hose-full-of-steam problem, and the thermal actuator in the mixing valve cartridge ensures long, uninterrupted use and silent operations, even in high mineral content water conditions. The station’s steam and water-mixing valve design reduces flow if the output temperature exceeds the factory set point and completely shuts down 15 degrees F above that. 

877-379-8258; www.thermomegatech.com/washdown


The patented design of the GEA Tuchenhagen 24/7 PMO valve line generates a natural vacuum in the vent cavity and prevents any cross-leakage of CIP liquid into the opposite valve housing during seat lift cleaning. There are no internal vent cavity parts or mechanisms, and all moving parts of the valve can be electronically monitored. These products are the first mix-proof valves authorized by the U.S. regulatory authorities to allow seat cleaning while product is present in the valve.

 866-531-5629; www.tuchenhagen.us