Pneumatic regulating valve for accurate control

Alfa Laval’s Unique RV-P valve is a pneumatic regulating valve for accurate control of pressure, flow, temperature and fluid levels. The valve is designed to safely and effectively control or regulate precision flows in any dairy. It’s an electro-pneumatic, remotely controlled regulating valve equipped with an integrated IP converter and pneumatic amplifier, where the positioner converts air signals into electrical signals, to ensure precise valve control. The valve is also equipped with a contactless magnetic sensor, where the positioner is less sensitive to vibrations and pressure shocks. It also features a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution, with visible LCD display and a 3-key operation.



Mixproof valves

Rieger’s latest version of the newly patented N2 PMO Mixproof valve for dairy, beverage and food applications has only four seals in the product contact area, which helps reduce downtimes and results in minimal spare part costs, according to the company. Machining the bodies from solid bar reduces space and cost when assembling valve manifolds. The valves are welded directly together, with only one seam and no weld torsion. No product loss during valve stroking reduces waste during production cycles.



Valves, sensors and controllers for hygienic processes

The Burkert Element line of valves, sensors and controllers offers a cleaner environment for hygienic processes, according to the company. The Element line is reliable in the control of fluids including steam, corrosive solvents and chemicals or abrasive fluids such as slurries in a wide variety of applications. The products combine the characteristics of engineered polymers with highly washable endurance of stainless steel. There are no coatings, pockets or external pneumatic lines to hinder cleanliness and valves are delivered with visual feedback via signal LEDs or a backlit graphic display.



Pigging station valves

Archon Industries offers Kieselmann pigging technology. When the complete emptying of the product line by means of “pigs” is required to save valuable product and cleaning mediums, these pigging stations are a solution. The company applies Gembra valve technology, which includes pigging stations newly developed especially for aseptic use. The pigging stations will amortize quickly and provide opportunities to reduce manufacturing cost, according to the company.



Positive displacement pumps with front-loading seal design

Ampco’s patent-pending ZP3 Series of positive displacement pumps feature a front-loading seal design. They are fully CIP-able without modifications or loss of efficiency.  The seal design allows it to be easily maintained or changed and the rotor case design eliminates all dead zones. This seal conforms to 3-A SSI standards and has passed the stringent EHEDG cleanability requirements.  The standard features include: 304 stainless steel gear case, stainless splash plate protecting the bearing seal face, stainless bearing retainers, 17-4ph shafts, helical gears and 4-way mounting. 



Metering pumps and dispensers

Fluid Metering Inc. provides a wide range of valveless metering pumps and dispensers for the dairy and food industries. FMI Pumps and Dispensers integrate FMI’s patented CeramPump valveless pumping principle. The pump utilizes one moving part, a sapphire-hard ceramic piston, to perform all fluid control functions, eliminating valves typically present in low-volume metering technologies. The valveless function is accomplished by the synchronous rotation and reciprocation of the ceramic piston within a precisely mated ceramic liner. The reciprocation action of the piston, similar to a standard piston pump, accomplishes the pumping function.



Positive displacement pump

Fristam’s FKL-A 400 positive displacement pump, the newest model in the redesigned FKL-A Series, features a rounded split-style gearbox and labyrinth oil seals. It also becomes the largest PD pump to include a stainless steel gearbox option. The FKL-A 400 handles pressures to 500 psi and displaces 0.74 gal/rev. It is also the first close-clearance sanitary PD pump line to be designed for “True CIP” needing nothing removed from the pump for CIP, according to the company. Everything, including the cover and rotors, remains in place. This provides a simple and effective cleaning solution with minimal downtime and no performance loss.



O-ring-free tank-style pumps

Osgood’s Tank Style Pump is ideal for viscous and liquid products with no large particulates or product agitation. The O-ring-free tank-style pump features optimized filling motions and a multitude of electromechanical motion control methods to provide lane-to-lane fill consistency, verified by down-stream check weighers. The pump is very clean, efficient and precise, and now offers optional steam-in-place and/or H2O2 sterilization. During CIP, the pistons and cutoff stems retract into the hopper and are cleaned simultaneously in parallel, reducing CIP time, water, chemicals and downtime.



Aseptic process valve technology

Pentair Südmo’s Aseptic Mix Proof Valve Secure valve provides clear and safe separation between two process streams so that different lines and/or equipment can be cleaned and sterilized without the possibility of cross contamination. The valve meets FDA and USP Class VI material requirements and is completely suitable for aseptic valve solutions in the dairy, food and beverage industries.



Upgraded vacuum pump series

Piab’s piClassic is its upgraded vacuum pump series based on Coax technology. Though it’s small in size, it’s suitable for a wide range of applications with large capacities. With its compressed air source for energy, the pump is easy to turn off/on and ideal for operations that only need vacuum intermittently, saving energy. The design features a low weight and a new modular design that allows the user to easily upgrade the pump’s performance by adding cartridges (up to six). 



Rotary valves for standard and sanitary applications

Powder Process-Solutions offers rotary valves for dairy and other food industries. Models are available for a variety of applications and process requirements, including USDA dairy-accepted and custom designs. The company offers drop-through and convey-through designs, in large and small sizes. Valves can be fabricated from cast iron, carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, and highly polished 316 stainless steel.  Quick disassembly and easy-to-clean features are prominent in all of the company’s designs.



Encapsulated full-flow manual and actuated ball valves

Sanitary Solutions offers two-way or three-way, T316L, encapsulated full-flow manual or actuated ball valves. The company stocks 0.5-inch through 6-inch two-way manual ball valves that feature cavity fillers, 100% full opening, three-piece design, lockable handle, blow-out proof stem, ISO 5211 mount pads, capped and bagged with the alloy, size and heat number. It also stocks 1.50-inch and 2.00-inch HOT—High Temperature two-way ball valve with 25% carbon and 75% PTFE for higher temperature/pressure applications and a higher cycle life than PTFE or RTFE.



Sanitary centrifugal pump

SPX’s new EcoPure sanitary centrifugal pump is designed to increase production efficiency and final product safety. It’s been developed to specifically address modern challenges in hygienic applications within industries such as dairy and other food and beverage. The design uses a magnetic drive system which effectively creates a leak-free pump solution by removing the need for mechanical seals. The drive system is engineered to provide hygienic operation by incorporating the magnets directly into the impeller. With no seals to replace or maintain, the leak-free pump increases process health and safety by ensuring there is no product leakage that operators may slip on, and no flush water entering the product zone. The design also simplifies the infrastructure required for the pump with no need for water lines or any controls for seal flushing.



Rotary airlock feeder valve

The Meyer Klean-In-Place II comes in five sizes, 6-inch through 14-inch. Every unit is customizable for applications dependent upon requirements and the materials being handled. The round flange assures system capability, while 316 stainless steel housings are standard, providing maximum structural stability. The core of the system is sanitation, designed with permanently sealed bearings to ensure protection from contamination and smooth contact surfaces for food grade material. Incorporated into the Klean-In-Place II is a safety switch that signals when the unit is ready to run, preventing any mishap when the valve is being cleaned.



Hygienic twin screw pumps

Flowtrend, a manufacturer of fluid handling products, partnered with Wangen Pumpen of Germany to distribute its hygienic twin screw pumps within the United States. The Wangen twin screw pump was designed to pump both low and high viscosities [1 to 1,000,000 cps], volatile and gaseous products, and is meant for applications where maximum hygiene and efficiency is required. Dairy applications include products such as yogurt, cheese curd, pudding or butter. Because of the axial pumping action, the Wangen twin can assist in CIP by achieving high speeds, so no jumper is needed, therefore saving time and man hours, according to the company.

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