Plant-based low-cal sweetener

Astraea Allulose, by Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., is the first plant-based, low-calorie sweetener with proven physiological benefits. The sweetener is scientifically proven to attenuate blood glucose and lower lipid accumulation in the body, according to the company. Astraea, a monosaccharide and characterized as a “rare sugar,” carries just 0.2 kcal per gram and gives true sugar flavor with no aftertaste. Recommended applications include dairy, beverages, bakery and sweet goods. The sweetener can be used as a 100% table-top granular sugar replacement.



Non-GMO stevia with greater Reb A content

Ingredion’s portfolio of Enliten Reb A stevia sweeteners is non-GMO. The sweeteners are extracted from the company’s proprietary stevia leaves grown, harvested, purified and packed in Brazil. Now with a greater variety of Reb A content levels, more options are available to dairy processors to dial-in a balance of sweetness and sensory qualities. 



Natural chicory root fiber provides sugar-like sweetness

Beneo Technology Center recipe trials show that Beneo’s natural chicory root fiber Orafti Oligofructose reduces sugar while providing a sugar-like sweetness and taste when used in dairy products. Sensory evaluations confirm that oligofructose contributes to sweetness, mouthfeel, body and fruit flavor in sugar-reduced fruit yogurt in a similar way as sugar, while helping to reduce total sugars by 20% and added sugars by 35%. Beneo trials found that the best sugar-like recipe formulation combined sugars, oligofructose and a sweetness enhancer.



Dairy-specific sweetening solutions

PureCircle’s stevia sweetener Sigma-D is an ingredient designed for dairy-specific sweetening solutions that conquer taste challenges and offers a 30% to 50% reduced development time. The solution is a zero-calorie, stevia sweetener created to ensure a sugar-like taste without linger at mid- to high-levels of sugar reduction. The company blended certain parts of the stevia leaf to bring out the creamy dairy texture with sweetness and taste similar to sugar.



Sweetener solution helps reduce sugar, calories

Sensus America’s new Frutalose SFP is specifically designed to help manufacturers reduce sugar and calories in their products. The product is half as sweet as sugar, yet is composed of 85% prebiotic, dietary fiber and delivers less than 2 kcal per gram. In addition to its ability to functionally replace sugar, Frutalose SFP can also mask high-intensity sweeteners, such as stevia and sucralose. The solution can be easily formulated into a wide range of applications, including beverage mixes. The product is natural, non-GMO and labeled as chicory root fiber, which has been shown to be well accepted by consumers seeking out clean label products.



Non-GMO highly purified erythritol with stevia

Steviva’s Erysweet+ with stevia is a proprietary blend of highly purified SteviaSweet 95-60 stevia extracts and naturally fermented non-GMO erythritol. The company’s unique, natural methods of water extraction and purification produce an exceptionally clean, naturally sweet flavor. The sweetener is a minimal-calorie solution that is twice as sweet as sugar, with just 0.2 calories per gram. With a rounded and full sweetness profile and mouthfeel similar to sugar, Erysweet+ is ideal for products typically formulated with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial high-intensity sweeteners. Applications include beverages, sauces, marinades, baked goods, jellies and confections. It’s heat- and pH-stable and available in 25-kilogram poly-lined boxes and 900-kilogram super sacks.



Double chocolate stevia drops

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Double Chocolate Sweet Drops are versatile and can be used in beverages and foods (like milk, yogurt and ice cream) and recipes. The stevia drops don’t contain any calories, carbs, sugars, sodium or artificial sweeteners. They are also gluten free. With a non-glycemic response, the drops are also an ideal choice for individuals watching their blood sugar or those trying to reduce or eliminate sugar.



Plant-derived, zero-calorie sweetener

Sweet Green Fields’ new Intesse stevia product offers an upfront sweetness profile similar to sugar with a significantly less bitterness and lingering profile compared with other stevia products. SGF teamed up with distributors, including The Ingredient House, to bring the product to the United States. The sweetener solution has no aftertaste or bitter flavor note, but rather a pure sugar-like taste, according to the company. It’s a plant-derived, no-calorie and zero-glycemic sweetener.