Clean-label stabilizers for high-protein beverages

Launched at the beginning of 2016, TIC Gums offers an extended portfolio of gellan and gellan-based blends for manufacturers seeking to formulate beverages which adhere to clean-label restrictions. Among the new products, Ticagel Gellan HS prevents separation, Ticaloid Pro 571 SET targets stabilization in high-protein beverages without increasing viscosity. And for developers seeking a non-GMO or organic-compliant option for their formulation, Ticaloid Pro 148 OG suspends high-protein systems, enhances mouth coating and creates a more indulgent beverage, said the company.



Non-GMO natural citrus fiber

Fiberstar’s Citri-Fi 100 is a non-GMO, natural citrus fiber used to replace or extend pectin within applications such as fruit prep for yogurt. Due to the fiber’s native pectin content, the system produces gelling properties in high-sugar/low-pH processing conditions. This citrus fiber needs no pre-hydration or added calcium to activate the gelling properties which may provide additional cost savings. In addition to the pectin replacement benefits, Citri-Fi can also provide moisture retention, stabilization, viscosity and natural emulsification in various food products such as dairy, dry mixes, jellies and beverages.



Clean-label emulsifier system for ice cream

Kerry’s Sherex Enrich is a clean-label hydrocolloid and emulsifier system providing quality assurance throughout the several months shelf-life of an ice cream product. Temperature fluctuations can occur when ice cream is produced at one location, stored and shipped to another location and finally consumed. This jeopardizes the initial smooth, creamy texture as ice crystals melt and reform. This system’s water binding properties maintain quality for months while keeping the ingredient listing simple and clean. This allows producers to simply declare fermented milk solids on their ingredient statement, removing complicated blends using xanthan, guar, mono and diglycerides and carrageenan.



Gelatine as fat replacer, stabilizer, emulsifier

Gelita’s Gelatine are highly purified proteins that behave as fat replacers, gelling, binding and whipping agents; stabilizers and emulsifiers, and as film and foam formers. In yogurts or creams, syneresis can sometimes cause problems during storage and negatively influence product quality. By setting, and thus effectively stabilizing, gelatine can prevent syneresis and ensure an appealing and stable end product. As an emulsifier, stabilizer and foaming agent, gelatine is also an important ingredient in mousse and instant desserts. Foaming increases volume and presents a larger serving size but actually delivers fewer calories.



Specialized gums for suspension and texturizing

CP Kelco has a specialized portfolio of unique ingredients for suspension and texturizing of dairy products. The Kelcogel HM-B gellan gum offers formulators the opportunity to suspend a variety of functional, aesthetic and flavoring components while providing a light and delicate tasting experience. The portfolio can stand up to many of the extreme dairy manufacturing processes including pasteurization, HTST and UHT. The gellan gum’s pseudoplastic rhelology allows for a homogeneous distribution of nutrients providing the same level of nutrition from the first to the last glass.



Non-GMO starches for imitation cheese

Utilizing Ingredion’s Dial-In texture technology, the non-GMO Precisa 600 starch series is designed to help manufacturers reduce the use of costly dairy proteins in imitation cheese products, allowing manufacturers to save 15% to 25% of their overall formulation costs while achieving the desired properties of good melt, stretch and shred. The series features new starches with differentiated functionality, providing manufacturers with a number of solutions to address varying formulation and process needs, including better viscosity control, elasticity and spreadability; optimized firmness for shredding; a slower/faster gelling rate; and improved melting and emulsification. The starch series allows for optimized protein content in imitation mozzarella, analogue block and slice on slice; and optimized protein and fat content in analogue spreadable cheese and imitation cheese sauces.



Stabilization of high-protein drinks with cellulose gel

According to The Ingredient House, its Tabulose SC-611 (cellulose gel) performed well as a stabilizer and mouthfeel enhancer in ready-to-drink protein beverages in a standard shelf life study. The product provided stability, creamy texture and mouthfeel without separation or settling.



Stabilizers for drinkable yogurts

International Food Products offers Dairy House stabilizer systems designed for direct acidified, drinkable yogurt beverages. They are designed to withstand the challenges of UHT processing conditions. The stabilizer systems do not involve live yogurt cultures, but rather a culture and acidic flavor blend that delivers a well-rounded taste and aroma with a smooth consistency. The company produces several flavors, including strawberry.



Functional clean-label starches

Tate & Lyle’s line of Claria functional clean-label starches are similar to modified starches in terms of process tolerance but they appear simply as “starch” or “corn starch” on labels in the United States. The line also enables manufacturers to meet consumers’ expectations for taste and color across a broad range of applications, including dairy. A white color profile makes the starches highly beneficial in white yogurts or dairy desserts where color is critical. In addition, the line delivers smoothness and shininess, and demonstrates high thickening efficiency and texture consistency over time.



Ice cream stabilizer for hot/cold process

PreGel America’s Neutro is a very low-dosage high-yield stabilizer that comes in powder form for both hot and cold process applications. The company said it’s great for frozen dessert applications and improves the overall structure of frozen dessert. The company recommends using the stabilizer in combination with PreGel’s Fibraplus (a fiber base texturizer) or Piùcremoso (cream base texturizer). Applications include: Stabilizer for gelato, sorbetto and ice cream.