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Natural functional systems for yogurt

Cargill has expanded its functional systems for dairy products with new solutions developed from natural sources. These include stabilizer systems developed for yogurt based on two simple ingredients: functional native starch and pectin. This stabilizer system stands up to the processing challenges of yogurt and delivers a creamy texture. The company also has  solutions for organic yogurt product lines.



Stabilizer for Greek-style yogurt

Premium Ingredients’ new Premilac XLY-15049 is a stabilizer based on dairy protein for the production of Greek-style yogurt and petit-suisse(a fresh cheese). This stabilizer has been developed with the goal of optimizing the final product in terms of cost, texture, level of protein and syneresis control. It is also a clean-label product. Recombination technology allows dairy processors to make products without generating by-products or increasing viscosity during the process.

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Stabilize high-protein drinks with cellulose gel

The Ingredient House’s Tabulose SC-611 cellulose gel is said to perform well as a stabilizer and mouthfeel enhancer in ready-to-drink protein beverages in a standard shelf-life study. The product provides stability, creamy texture and mouthfeel without separation or settling.



A versatile, high-performance hydrocolloid solution

With Kelcogel HM-Pure gellan gum, a versatile, high-performance hydrocolloid solution from CP Kelco, beverages can be formulated to create the desired mouthfeel while enabling uniform consistency. The gum also provides excellent suspension of insoluble particulates, including cocoa, calcium salts, proteins and fiber. The gellan gum complies with organic standards and can be used in both neutral pH and acidic products. The gum is ideal for creating suspension, consistency and texture in beverage applications.



Organic hydrocolloid system for use in yogurt

TIC Gums developed Dairyblend YG OG 6, an organic, non-GMO hydrocolloid system for use in indulgent yogurt applications. The system balances the important textural attributes found in yogurt, such as mouth coating and viscosity, with syneresis control and protein stability. This allows formulators to address their functionality needs while also considering the overall sensory experience of the consumer. The system not only yields a rich, indulgent eating experience, but also aligns with 95% organic requirements in accordance with the USDA’s National Organic Program.



Gelatin as a stabilizer, emulsifier

Gelita Gelatine is a highly purified protein that behaves as a fat replacer, gelling, binding and whipping agent; stabilizer and emulsifier; and as a film and foam former. By setting, and thus effectively stabilizing, gelatine can prevent syneresis in yogurts and creams and ensure an appealing and stable end product, according to the company. Gelatine is also an important ingredient in mousses and instant desserts. 



Optimized texture systems for reduced-fat dairy

Ingredion’s Precisa Cream optimized texture systems provide the precise amount of key textural attributes that contribute to creaminess while delivering desired viscosity. The systems are especially important for use in reduced-, low- or nonfat applications such as yogurt, sour cream, dips, beverages and desserts to provide the mouthfeel of a higher-fat product.



Clean-label functional native rice starch

Beneo’s new functional native rice starch, Remypure, has comparable performance to chemically modified starches while qualifying for clean-label and natural status worldwide. Trial results in fruit preparations show an improved viscosity build-up and stability equivalent to chemically modified starches, supporting a clean, fruity flavor and a typical smooth texture. Remypure remains stable under severe processing conditions and shows good tolerance towards acidity and heat. The unique molecular structure of rice amylopectin reduces retro-gradation and provides an increased shelf-life and freeze-thaw stability.



Clean-label natural citrus fiber

Fiberstar’s Citri-Fi 100 is a natural citrus fiber that provides improved mouthfeel, stable texture and no separation over shelf life in dairy-based RTD drinks, such as mocha-type beverages that are diluted with water. Citri-Fi provides emulsification stabilization for the fat present. This natural fiber contains approximately 65% dietary fiber, half of which is natural pectin, and the balance is cellulose and hemicellulose. Citri-Fi contains lipophilic ends which interact with fat and hydrophilic ends which bind water. The fiber is non-GMO, allergen-free and Organic Program-compliant. It can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour.



Tapioca-based starches for yogurt, custards

Tate & Lyle expanded its line of Claria functional clean-label starches with the addition of Claria Delight. The tapioca-based starches enable dairy manufacturers to develop products with functionality similar to modified tapioca starches, but with cleaner labels. It’s ideal for use in a variety of applications including some yogurts, custards and mousse. Its texture is similar to modified tapioca starches, thickening and setting to form a soft, translucent gel. The starches also have a clean flavor that is beneficial in delicately flavored dairy desserts. Its clean, white color is essential for developing light-colored products.

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sneak peek brought to you by Ingredion